Getting more ahead of myself, or thinking positive?

I went to meditation class this morning, and the teacher talked about writing how we would overcome our “bad habits” – such as negative thinking. So much of the last 2 years has been spent consumed with “what if…” when trying to make plans for the future. I can’t predict the future of this particular pregnancy, but I don’t want fear to keep me from enjoying it and planning for it. I purchased the Circle + Bloom pregnancy program, and will start using it tonight before bed.

2014-09-21 15.55.49

My closet was looking very sadly empty after the big clean-out over Labor Day weekend. Though it’s much too soon for me to even consider maternity wear, I decided it was time to finally go through the 3 boxes of maternity clothes given to me by a friend a couple years ago. These were actually hand-me-downs to her from yet another friend’s wife, whose son is now 7 years old. Thankfully basics like black and khaki pants never go out of style. She had a ton of jeans in there, but most were very wide-legged, which I hate. Still a lot of the clothing was XXS or XS maternity-sized, which made me laugh out loud as I’m too big already to wear those! In the end, I kept almost half of what was in there, which forms a good foundation – plenty of tops and bottoms for work and casual wear. She had very few dresses, and they either didn’t fit me well or were not my style at all. So my plan is to fill in the gaps with some well-priced, used jeans and dresses on Ebay and local consignment stores, and watch Zulily for good deals on new stuff. I could also probably use a good pair of maternity leggings when my regular ones get too tight. I have several Coobie bras, which should take me through the pregnancy. And I just ordered some belly bands, if only to help me stay in my regular pants for as long as possible.

I also allowed myself to start looking at my Nursery Ideas board on Pinterest, and to start bouncing ideas off my sister. She’s even more excited than I am, and has bought materials to make a mobile for us. Hubby is still cautious, but we did at least discuss planning to install a ceiling fan in the guest room/future nursery, since it gets very warm upstairs in the summer. Otherwise, the queen bed, small dresser, and bookcase will stay put. We just need to add a crib and a changing tray to the dresser. A glider would be nice, but I think we’ll keep it in our own room since there’s more space in there, and the baby would be in our room for the first several months anyways. I think I also want to take out the closet doors and maybe just hang a curtain instead, to save on room since it will be pretty cramped.

So yes, I’m definitely experiencing early nesting tendencies. It’s probably a good thing I’m too tired to physically do much about them. Washing all my “new” clothes is going to keep me busy enough this week!

4 thoughts on “Getting more ahead of myself, or thinking positive?

  1. I have a bunch (well not a bunch but like 4-5 shirts and 2 pairs of pants) of maternity clothes that are xxs to xs. Even pregnant I don’t know if I am going to be able to completely fill them out. At least you have a start!

  2. emmelle says:

    FYI belly bands never worked for me, but maybe I got the wrong ones. They just didn’t feel comfortable, or stay in place, or your underwear would peek through. I definitely advice a couple of good jeans, 2-3 pairs of maternity leggings and tights (esp. as winter is approaching), and comfortable loose tops but save the cute tops for maybe 2nd trimester, esp if you think you may have bad nausea (you’ll not care what you look like in the first 3-4 months!)

    • yeah, i really lucked out with all the stuff that did fit me from the boxes, i should be able to get by other than finding some good leggings! luckily the H&M near me carries maternity, will probably go there for more later when i need them.

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