Lab update

My labs from this morning (other than the Verifi test) have come back. I accidentally forgot to take all my morning meds before I ran off to get my blood drawn!

First, my thyroid labs: TSH 0.44, free T4 1.6, and T3 130 – all within target. I was surprised to see my TSH down so much from 1.39 a month ago, especially since I didn’t take my medication before the lab draw, but my endocrinologist has said that it may not be as accurate during pregnancy, and therefore she follows the T3 also – which is perfect. So I get to stay at my current dose of levothyroxine – yay!

Then my progesterone level came back – 54.88! Based on this graph from a study on progesterone during pregnancy, I’m well above the average of low 30s at 11 weeks. And remember, this was drawn before I gave myself my morning injection. I feel very comfortable stopping progesterone next Tuesday before I travel to Vegas ūüôā

The great testing debate starts on 2dp5dt

OK, it took me FOREVER to understand that bit of code up there when I first started seeing it on infertility blogs. For those not familiar, that means “2 days past 5-day transfer”, meaning I’m now exactly halfway through my 2ww of this IVF cycle. Except my beta isn’t scheduled¬†for another 9 days, or 11dp5dt! Boooo… I think my RE¬†does this to avoid excessive blood draws. Here is my dilemma – do I test earlier at home, with the one Wondfo and 3 FRER’s I still have in my bathroom cabinet? I haven’t tested in ages, mainly because my temperatures and luteal phases easily told me that my period was coming, even on the Clomid cycles. Those are out the window now since I’m on supplemental progesterone. And yes, I am solidly in the camp that the shots are better than the suppositories. I’m so irritated down there right now ūüė¶

If I decide to test at home, when?? I’m supposed to have my TSH rechecked next Thursday (9dp5dt),¬†and am tempted to ask my¬†endocrinologist to add a beta then if I get a positive home test. She’s actually encouraging me to take a HPT before the beta¬†so that I can immediately increase my levothyroxine dose to support the pregnancy.

And here’s another thing – my hubby asked if I could attend a dinner that same Thursday¬†with his colleagues and their spouses. He’s been at this job for 7 months now, and I really haven’t met any of his team yet. They’ve been trying¬†to schedule this for months, but it’s understandably tough to coordinate 5 couples’ schedules. If I test that morning and it’s negative, I can’t imagine being very good dinner company. At the same time, I’ve let infertility rule my life and my schedule for so long, and I know my hubby was frustrated when I initially hesitated. So after talking about it with my massage therapist, who I saw today for a pregnancy-style session, I’m leaning towards not testing until the next morning.

So torn!!


I feel like I’ve been coasting at work this summer, up until yesterday. It was a bad start to the day¬†when my water bottle leaked into my paper lunch bag, and all the contents came spilling out as I was heading to my office. Made it to my office, and read a message that one of my patients is in ICU after a nasty fall. Try to reach mom to touch base in between squeezing in add-on¬†patients, getting my own blood drawn for my TSH, admitting a patient, and finding a surprise broken bone at a “well child check”. Yikes!

And yes, I was exhausted at the end of the day, despite my TSH ultimately coming back at 0.1. Ha, just a tad hyperthyroid right now. Good to know it probably was the Clomid that increased my thyroid hormone needs.

Small victories

It’s been an emotional roller coaster of a week. So much so that while out karaoke’ing at 2am last weekend, I suddenly started crying for no good reason. This was very horrifying, as we were with a dozen or so friends, and I just couldn’t explain myself or stop. I think it was the combination of AF and staying up WAY past my bedtime – the exhaustion just hit me and next thing I know, tears are rolling down my face. Thankfully I felt much better after 8 hours’ sleep.

In any case, I’m celebrating the end of monthly blood draws today! After 3 months of gradually increasing my levothyroxine dose, my endocrinologist is satisfied with my labs. Thank goodness, because the last 2 blood draws were the worst to date, leaving me with awful bruises. I may go ahead and get another set of labs done in a month, since my acupuncturist really wants to see my free T3 levels, though the endocrinologist feels it’s of little value if I’m feeling good.

A fresh start

That is my mindset with this cycle, or at least that is how I’m putting a positive spin on my current state of cramps and fatigue. My most recent TSH didn’t show any change, strangely enough, so I’m now up to 75 mcg of levothyroxine a day. And unfortunately my resolve with going gluten-free is definitely weakening. I couldn’t resist a bite of hubby’s croissant this morning as I smelled it on the car ride home from Starbucks – from now on, if he wants one, he needs to buy it himself! I have no idea how I’ll survive our trip to San Francisco in a few weeks, with several foodie destinations on the itinerary.

In the meantime, I’ve decided not to let TTC get in the way of all the physical activities I want to try. Because they remind me to be thankful for the health and strength I currently have, even when I feel like my body is betraying me in other ways.