11dpo and thinking about the next cycle

I’m already thinking about the next cycle because though technically my temperature is still up, it appears to have started a downward trend today. I’ve already told my aerial teachers I’m taking a break next session, with my only exercise to be yoga, both at home with the Restoring Fertilty DVD and at my local gym, where I’ve been wasting my membership dues the past couple months. It’s the last cycle we plan to try without medications, and I want to give relative rest a full cycle’s chance before I start Clomid. I’m already getting anxious thinking about losing my strength and going crazy without aerial for a month, but I figure this is a good chance to work on my flexibility, which is one of my weaknesses.

Waiting game

I’m in the middle of my 2-week wait, or really, my 12-day wait since my luteal phase isn’t quite a full 2 weeks. I find this time pretty aggravating, since I feel like there’s not much I can do at this point, and I also feel pretty tired. This past week has been unusually lazy for me – I’ve only attended one aerial class and one yoga class. After realizing how many days it was taking for me to recover after an hour of weightlifting, I decided it wasn’t wise to sap my “qi” any further than necessary since I want it all directed towards conceiving. It’s so strange forcing myself to be a couch potato after becoming the opposite almost 4 years ago. Kind of makes me wonder whether we would’ve conceived more quickly if we’d started trying then. Probably, but that was also a time when I wasn’t happy with my life, and certainly didn’t feel ready to bring a child into the world. Figures…

Feeling good!

And no, I’m not pregnant. For the first time in months, seeing my temperature drop and getting my period didn’t send me into a cascade of tears. Emotionally, acupuncture and herbs have definitely helped! Not to mention my BBT chart showed definite signs of improvement – no more zig-zags at the beginning of my cycle, and a nice strong luteal phase with no temperature drops until 13 days after ovulation. Not to mention I hardly noticed any PMS symptoms and my period started without me feeling exhausted, even during a 2-hour workout. I had a good progesterone level 7 days after ovulation, and will be getting some more hormone levels checked in a couple days, just to make sure everything is looking good.

The husband also very graciously submitted a sample for semen analysis, and though motility has room for improvement, everything else looks quite good. So he’s on his own supplement regimen too. I’m truly thankful for him – he’s always been with me every step of the way, from back when I was dead set against having children to now. Couldn’t ask for more in a partner.