Beta #2 on 11dp5dt

The RE’s nurse just called to congratulate me on being pregnant, with a beta level of 269! Technically this should have been the first and only beta, but since I cheated and had one done on 8dp5dt, I was able to use the nifty calculator some of you ladies have referenced in the past:


I’m doubling right on track, which is a big relief! So here’s the kicker – I couldn’t plug in 13 days past ovulation for my first number so my green line should be shifted to the left by one day. This tool says that the max level for 16 days past ovulation (which is what I am today) is 223, so I’m just above that threshold – except nowhere on this website does it say how they came up with these numbers. And numbers are all over the map for singleton and twin pregnancies on Betabase. We’ll find out how many I’m carrying in 2 weeks!

I was hoping to get some more decluttering and organizing done this weekend, but napping is sounding much more desirable. Starting at 4:30 this morning, I woke up 3 times to pee. I need to cut back on drinking water in the evenings now.

A confession, and so it begins – 4 weeks today!

I have to fess up – I had my beta tested yesterday, 3 days before the RE is checking it. Due to a last-minute clinic cancellation yesterday afternoon, I decided to go ahead and have my thyroid tests done so I wouldn’t have to drive on my day off today for the blood draw. It suddenly came to me I could have a beta added… so I did. An even 100 at 8dp5dt! This is really happening! The nice thing is, this means I won’t need another blood draw after Saturday, since my RE only orders more if it’s <100. My veins will be thankful – yesterday was a little tough until the more experienced phlebotomist took over.

I’m really trying hard not to get ahead of myself, but it’s difficult when I am actually starting to feel pregnant now. I woke up this morning with some mild but persistent nausea. I’m sure eating a little first thing in the morning would help, but I’m not supposed to eat for at least 30-60 minutes after taking my thyroid medicine. I found some ginger drops I’d bought for traveling a few months ago, and sucking on one definitely helped. Now to search for my acupressure wristbands.

2014-09-18 08.08.39

Sleeping is definitely getting more difficult since I’m a back-sleeper, and now get a weird pulling sensation in my lower left abdomen. I have no idea if this has to do with my uterus that tilts slightly to the left or what. But it’s uncomfortable enough that I indulged myself by buying the much-lauded Snoogle. And I’m already loving it, as I lay back on it in the coiled-up configuration with my feet on the couch…. ahhhhh…

The great testing debate starts on 2dp5dt

OK, it took me FOREVER to understand that bit of code up there when I first started seeing it on infertility blogs. For those not familiar, that means “2 days past 5-day transfer”, meaning I’m now exactly halfway through my 2ww of this IVF cycle. Except my beta isn’t scheduled for another 9 days, or 11dp5dt! Boooo… I think my RE does this to avoid excessive blood draws. Here is my dilemma – do I test earlier at home, with the one Wondfo and 3 FRER’s I still have in my bathroom cabinet? I haven’t tested in ages, mainly because my temperatures and luteal phases easily told me that my period was coming, even on the Clomid cycles. Those are out the window now since I’m on supplemental progesterone. And yes, I am solidly in the camp that the shots are better than the suppositories. I’m so irritated down there right now 😦

If I decide to test at home, when?? I’m supposed to have my TSH rechecked next Thursday (9dp5dt), and am tempted to ask my endocrinologist to add a beta then if I get a positive home test. She’s actually encouraging me to take a HPT before the beta so that I can immediately increase my levothyroxine dose to support the pregnancy.

And here’s another thing – my hubby asked if I could attend a dinner that same Thursday with his colleagues and their spouses. He’s been at this job for 7 months now, and I really haven’t met any of his team yet. They’ve been trying to schedule this for months, but it’s understandably tough to coordinate 5 couples’ schedules. If I test that morning and it’s negative, I can’t imagine being very good dinner company. At the same time, I’ve let infertility rule my life and my schedule for so long, and I know my hubby was frustrated when I initially hesitated. So after talking about it with my massage therapist, who I saw today for a pregnancy-style session, I’m leaning towards not testing until the next morning.

So torn!!