We’re “out” on social media, and lots of shopping

I had no plans to post anything about the pregnancy on social media for at least a couple weeks – at least not until Thanksgiving. So hubby surprised me when he said he would prefer to post earlier, as in this weekend! Since his coworkers met me this week and I’m showing quite a bit, he’d already told them ahead of time. Then he became worried that his other coworkers would be offended if they heard through the grapevine rather than directly from him. Even if it was on Facebook… weird tech people 😛

So I went ahead and posted a picture of 2 onesies this morning – the one that said “Crawl-Walk-Pull-up” that I’d surprised him with when I got the positive HPT, and another one I just bought in Vegas that says “Daddy’s Little Princess”. The response has been overwhelmingly positive -we definitely took some people by surprise, including his aunt (who I was surprised hadn’t heard yet from his mom but I guess 12 hours isn’t that much time overnight 😛 ). There were a couple “finally” or “at last” comments, good-natured of course but they definitely had no idea. I did post on their individual walls that this pregnancy didn’t come easy and that I hope the rest of it will be uneventful, but didn’t go into details. I didn’t want to make it part of the original post since our families are really in the dark about how much it took us to get to this point.

I found some great deals at the big consignment sale this morning. The best find was a clean barely-used Baby Jogger City Mini stroller for $150 (normally $250). Also picked up a brand-new-in-package My Brest Friend pillow for half off retail, and some cute baby clothes for a couple bucks apiece. One advantage of going public is we’ve already had several offers to give us clothes and other gear from friends who have completed their baby-making, so I’m hopeful that we can keep costs down once we outfit the nursery with a crib and glider. I managed to drag hubby to a baby store this afternoon also, so that he could try out gliders, check out car seats, and a diaper bag for himself also. I think that was much less painful than he was anticipating – we were in and out in 10 minutes, since I’d already narrowed down what I wanted over the last few weeks. I’ll go back later to actually order the glider since it can take a few months to arrive. That’ll definitely be the most expensive item in the nursery, other than installing a ceiling fan in there. Thank goodness for 20% off store coupons!

The best laid plans…

So much for telling the hubby’s mom in person, in a cute way. We had planned on having dinner with the hubby’s mom, grandmother, and aunt next Saturday. This morning, she emailed me, saying that his grandmother would prefer if the whole family (his 5 aunts/uncles, their spouses, and some of their kids) could have dinner together. Yikes!! Definitely not ready for that at only 6 weeks! We knew they would all likely find out very quickly once we told her, but we’re not ready to deal with all the in-person congratulations and advice at that early stage.

We decided to scrap the idea completely, and call her after the ultrasound, just as we’re doing for my parents, who live out of state. Of course, this meant backing out of the dinner gracefully – the dinner that WE had invited her to have. Argh!! I hated lying to her, but said we had a friend moving away soon, and this was the only night she was able to have dinner with us. We do actually have a friend moving across the country next month, so hopefully this night works for her, and I don’t feel like a complete lying jerk 😛