Lab update

My labs from this morning (other than the Verifi test) have come back. I accidentally forgot to take all my morning meds before I ran off to get my blood drawn!

First, my thyroid labs: TSH 0.44, free T4 1.6, and T3 130 – all within target. I was surprised to see my TSH down so much from 1.39 a month ago, especially since I didn’t take my medication before the lab draw, but my endocrinologist has said that it may not be as accurate during pregnancy, and therefore she follows the T3 also – which is perfect. So I get to stay at my current dose of levothyroxine – yay!

Then my progesterone level came back – 54.88! Based on this graph from a study on progesterone during pregnancy, I’m well above the average of low 30s at 11 weeks. And remember, this was drawn before I gave myself my morning injection. I feel very comfortable stopping progesterone next Tuesday before I travel to Vegas ūüôā

Long day :(

Ugh, started off with a rough morning. I’d just given myself my progesterone injection, and was holding pressure on the site with one hand, and putting the PIO bottle back in its box with the other. Except somehow the bottle slipped out of my hand, and rolled off the counter, falling on the floor with a sickening crack. Glass and precious medication on the ground! Quickly cleaned it up, which meant I didn’t hold pressure on the injection site for very long, and by the time I looked again, there was blood all over my glute!

That was my last bottle of PIO, and I’d just started it yesterday. My own clinic’s pharmacy didn’t carry it, so I called the hospital¬†pharmacy,¬†and it took them a while, but they did find some. Placed an order myself, but couldn’t make it over there until after work and my desperately-needed yoga class – it’s been almost 2 weeks since I last did any sort of exercise! So by the time I checked in at the pharmacy it was 8:15. At 8:30 they called my name and said they didn’t have it – huh?! The tech said this morning’s tech must’ve put it somewhere she can’t find, but that I should sit down and the rest of my meds would be ready soon – which made no sense since that was the ONLY med I’d checked in for. She checked with another tech, who I could see holding the right box – the first tech said never mind! It’ll be ready soon. Half an hour later, I’ve seen at least a dozen other patients check in and pick up their meds! Go up again, am told will be just 2 more minutes. 9:10, and the pharmacist calls me up, with many questions – the dose is different from their standard (dunno what standard that is – 1 mL once a day seems pretty kosher for IVF), and was I sure I’d taken this medication already since I ordered it? Um YES, I explained the dropped bottle fiasco, and he finally seemed satisfied. So I finally picked up my bottle and got out of there an hour later.

I am so going to crash tonight – I have a 12-hour work day tomorrow! ūüė¶

Negativity sneaking in. UGH!

This is the first day this cycle where I’ve let the negativity creep in.¬†I don’t know if it was the crazy number of newborn visits I had, and seeing the tired but happy faces of new mom’s, alternating with all the other mom’s being in their 3rd trimester. One of those mom’s is actually a friend of ours, and we’ve talked with them about our difficulties because at one point, they went to an RE also when they’d been struggling to conceive their second child for over 6 months. Her FSH was high. Of course, at their first RE visit, they had her pee in a cup, and lo and behold, the pregnancy test came back positive! Oh – they never told us this, I only found out from our mutual friend when it was pretty apparent she was pregnant at a wedding we attended. ūüė¶¬†She and her husband were both at the visit¬†today, and though we talked at length about when she was due and how they were doing, and they KNOW¬†we’re in the middle of an IVF cycle because I had them change the appointment day when I knew I’d likely be out for egg retrieval, they didn’t say a word or ask anything about how I was doing. They are really good friends of ours, and it bothered me that they just avoided the topic. I know it’s uncomfortable, but damn it, they were on the brink of it themselves!

Then I found out a colleague is pregnant and due in February, from a cutesy Facebook photo of course. She just got married a year ago. It’s so ridiculous, I thought I was past all these stupid feelings, but on top of everything else today, and the really aggravating irritation from the vaginal progesterone – ARRRRGGGHHHHH!! The RE says he’ll switch me from this formulation to Endometrin to see if I tolerate it better, but there’s no point in ordering it now until I see what that beta looks like.

1-day fertilization report – overwhelmed! :)

I received a message from the embryologist while I was at work this morning. He reported that 20 out of the 23 eggs retrieved successfully fertilized!! I wish I had more information than that on whether it was all by ICSI, maturity, etc., but at this point I’m too happy with that amazing fertilization rate to really care ūüôā Now we wait through the weekend to see how they look Monday!

I’m also pleased to report that my hubby has now given me 2 shots of Progesterone successfully! I didn’t even feel the needle going in thanks to diligent icing, and heat afterwards does seem to help. I’m a little sore in the first spot, probably because it’s right next to where I gave myself Novarel on Tuesday, but not bad at all compared to what I anticipated. I twitched a little just before he pushed the needle in the first time, so he was a little hesitant, but having me lay¬†down this morning seemed to help. He says it’s super easy so long as I mark the spot for him with a Sharpie, so we’ll just continue to do that.

I got through work OK today despite clinic being shorthanded both at the front desk and back office. Definitely bloated but felt better than yesterday. I just really need more help with going to the bathroom, heh. Lined up Miralax and glycerin suppositories for now, since I can use them until the transfer. Good thing I have gloves at home. Fun times tonight also with the first progesterone suppository going in ūüėõ

I waited 6 hours for THIS to get delivered?!

¬†The pharmacy sent me more Menopur and the progesterone suppositories today. The first time I had a shipment, it arrived by FedEx by 11am. As noon approached, I was getting antsy, especially since I planned to go to a yoga class at 2pm. So I called the pharmacy, and they told me they were using a courier since it was a weekday, and gave me the tracking info.¬†I then called the courier, who promised it would be here by 2pm. At 1:55, I called them again, they said there was no indication it would be late, that it’d be here any minute. At 2, I gave up hope of going to yoga. Finally the courier arrived at 2:09. Quickly ripped into the box and pulled out an insulated pack containing these:

2014-08-28 15.09.49

 Progesterone suppositories or candy? You be the judge.

I can’t believe that I’ll have to use these AND get IM injections. Anybody else luck out like this? And why is there only one applicator? Am I going to have to wash and reuse?? Ewwwww…

Looking forward to my anniversary and birthday month

My 7-8dpo progesterone came back at 15.62, so definitely confirming ovulation, but again nowhere near as high as the RE has been wanting it – I just don’t respond to the Clomid like they want me to, so it’s definitely time to move on. No matter the outcome of this current cycle, I’m relishing the thought of a month off¬†of hormone¬†medications – freedom! Or relative freedom, since no doubt I will still take my temperature here and there and use OPKs, as well as see my acupuncturist when I’m back in town, but compared to the last 3 months, it’s going to feel like a true break from this whole craziness. I will have the RE appointment and she’ll probably want to get some baseline labs again, but at least my birthday month¬†will start with an awesome anniversary trip, and end with my sister visiting¬†for our birthdays.

Think I’m going to start testing tomorrow morning. It’s early I know, but I haven’t truly tested with an HPT since last year (not counting the one I did after my HCG trigger), and if there’s any cycle to test early, this would be it!

7dpo labs

My progesterone came back at 15.8, so I definitely ovulated. Not really sure what the RE’s looking for since I ovulate and have had progesterone from 12-15 without Clomid. TSH came down to 0.83 with the increased thyroxine dose just after a month. Hoping it doesn’t overshoot, and will ask for another recheck with my next set of labs from the RE.

Work was hectic this afternoon. I don’t know what it is about this week, but I’ve had 3 patients present with eating disorders. ūüė¶ Working urgent care tomorrow morning, really hoping it’s not crazy like it has been.

Progesterone level, 8dpo phone call = emotional breakdown

My 7dpo (or 6 or 8 depending on what exact day I ovulated – your guess is as good as mine with my¬†wacky chart) progesterone came back at 13.44. So not quite the 15 the RE wants to see for a Clomid cycle. For reference, my last non-medicated IUI cycle gave me a progesterone of 12, and I had a 15.19 when checked a year ago. So not much of a response, looking like I’ll be going to 100 mg Clomid next cycle, hopefully able to start on day 3.

The last few days have been tough, between our expensive plumbing issues and finding out my¬†TSH and progesterone levels. I made my weekly call home today, and proceeded to feel worse as my mom told me about how her cycles were never very regular, but she still seemed to have no problem getting pregnant. Wonderful, that’s very encouraging to me, your daughter who cannot get pregnant after 18 months of really¬†trying.¬†It frustrates me that after all this time, with me seeing the acupuncturist and the RE, she STILL tells me that I just need to relax, and I definitely should not start those terrible hormones (I am not telling my parents¬†I’m on Clomid), and should I really be taking thyroid medication – is that safe if you’re pregant?? OMG!!¬†I just don’t have the energy to argue with her, and it’s a losing battle either way, so all I can do is choke back tears and bitter words as I hang up.