Crazy day

After getting my painlessly-administered HCG trigger from the injection nurse (I didn’t even feel the needle go in, and no soreness/bruising whatsoever!), I hopped into my car to race to my own clinic and arrived just in time. First patient was a walk-in, and unfortunately I ended up having to admit the child to the ICU for new-onset diabetes. I felt SO awful for the parents sitting there with tears running down their face, as I explain the diagnosis and how he will need daily insulin injections for the rest of his life. Then as I was finishing seeing my afternoon patients, I get notification that a patient I saw yesterday tested positive for pertussis. Why did I check? Because the kid’s not vaccinated – AT ALL. The parents were super nonchalant, while I’m fuming because guess what that means? I examined the kid and didn’t have the foresight to wear a mask, so had to start myself on a Z-pack to prophylax against whooping cough! Guess who’s wearing a mask for every patient that has cough for a while? Yup, I’ll pretty much wear one all the time I guess.

So after that crazy day of work, I decide to cheer myself up by taking my first positive pregnancy test ever!


It’s funny, I don’t know why I thought the line would be darker than that, but it’s more than anything I’ve ever had before! I got 10,000 units of HCG, so there will definitely be no early testing on my part. I only have 9 HCG tests at home and don’t want to waste them at this point. Though I did read that OPK’s actually pick up HCG as well – something to keep in mind for the future for when I don’t feel like buying more pregnancy tests. I plan to wait it out until 13dpo and test if my temperature is still up. Just need to get through these back-to-back IUI’s the next 2 days first!



That’s my 21mm(!) follicle right there! Waiting to get my HCG trigger, then coming in for IUI tomorrow and Friday. Opted for that instead of triggering tonight and just having it Friday, since I have tomorrow off anyways, and I’m worried we’ll miss it if I don’t do one tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Addendum: In my excitement, I took a picture of my right ovary with no dominant follicles. Oops. Oh the HCG trigger was awesome! Didn’t feel a thing! Nurse took forever to call me back but seriously was like nothing.