It’s strange to say that I feel like I’m in auto-pilot mode, given that I’m sticking myself with a needle in the stomach every morning, and swallowing several supplements 3 times a day. But honestly, that’s how it goes – reminder alarm goes off, take medication, proceed on with work and life. I don’t start stims for another week, and the spotting has finally dropped off. I feel blessed to not experience Lupron headaches yet, though I just took my 4th dose this morning, and supposedly this is when they tend to start.

I’m still enjoying aerial and SUP every moment I can, as challenging as they’ve become lugging my heavier body through the air and water. Last night out in the ocean was glorious – a fiery sunset, dolphins playing nearby, sitting on the board getting rocked around by the waves. I tried to soak it all in at that moment, because I don’t know when I’ll be able to experience it again. I don’t see myself taking too many chances with a non-flat ocean when I’m on stims or pregnant. Even while kneeling, I half-fell in the water a couple times last night, angling myself trying to get the perfect sunset picture. And I really didn’t mind – the water was so warm and inviting.


Can you spot a couple of my classmates in this photo?

I know that once the stims start, things will move more quickly, but it still feels so far away. I asked my RE when he anticipates retrieval, and he said about 13 days after I start stims, which would mean the day after Labor Day. I wasn’t expecting it to get pushed back that far – I’d anticipated my retrieval to happen just before the long weekend so that I could take advantage of the rest time. But I had to let my work schedulers know, and they’re changing my schedule up so that I don’t end up working 12 hours the day after my retrieval. And it may be for nothing – I could respond more quickly than my RE predicts, or more slowly. Who knows…

Overall smooth with a little bit of spazz

My first Lupron injection went pretty well this morning. Woke up 15 minutes earlier than usual to make sure I gave myself plenty of time, but the whole thing took less than 5 minutes. I don’t draw up medications and give injections much in my practice, but have done so enough times in the past that it wasn’t tough to go through the motions. Of course, I had to have ONE spazzy moment! I had the needle in the bottle and had drawn up the 10 units of med I needed, and without thinking, I withdrew the needle while the bottle was still upside down. Small stream of medication jets out. Oopsie, should still be plenty for what I need left! At least from there on, it was pretty quick and painless injecting into my tummy – one good part of the weight gain is I’m not lacking for injection sites. This needle is the smallest one possible, the same ones diabetics use to give themselves insulin injections. I can imagine that it’ll get tougher once I add the stim injections into the mix – I hear those burn like a mofo. Yay!

Oh yes, Freedom Fertility Pharmacy has a great phone app with information on all the various medications, including written instructions and videos on giving the injections. It’s available on both Android and iPhone. I found it simple to navigate and review the steps beforehand, and I plan to share it with my husband before he has to give me IM injections.