Bump on board!

2015-03-15 09.00.08

Or “Bump on SUP”, maybe? Haha, reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ “Hop on Pop”.

It was so nice to take my first SUP yoga class in 5 months this morning, I’ve missed it so much! Even though I had to heavily modify, it felt great to¬†paddle, then flow on the water. I did fall in once doing a modified side plank but it was no big deal – I just have to remember that little adjustments make the board rock a lot more than before! Baby girl enjoyed it, as usual she was lulled by the waves, then became a lot more active during savasana ūüôā

Back out on the water

I first tried SUP yoga on my birthday weekend last year. I’d stand-up paddled a few times before, and thought yoga on the board¬†looked like a fun challenge. I loved it from my first class, and continued to go out regularly for several months until it got too chilly to risk falling into the cold water. Between my work schedule and the weather, I hadn’t been out for over 4 months until today. It was the perfect morning – clear skies, temperature in the 60s, just enough wind to make paddling out of the harbor a challenging exercise in balance,¬†but no whitecaps on the waves. I amazed myself by not falling during the ocean paddling part, even while staying on my feet instead of going to my knees on the way back – I was fully expecting to given how long it’s been but it felt like I hadn’t been away from the water at all. During the yoga portion, I quickly remembered why I enjoy yoga on the water so much more than traditional classes – the gentle rocking, the sun and the breeze, sounds of boaters and birds. All of these “distractions” actually help me to focus inwards more easily.

It was a great escape from my 2-week wait, and only after a nice relaxing nap after class did I realize I’m already 10dpo. Planning to¬†take my temperatures each morning again starting tomorrow. I did pee on a stick at 8dpo and the HCG trigger is already out of my system, so we’ll see when I feel like doing it again…