It’s been forever since I’ve blogged, but I came to the realization this week that FB just doesn’t provide enough of a venue for a deep venting, diary-style… go figure. And I really needed somewhere to process my thoughts on TTC (trying to conceive). So that I don’t end up in tears every time I see that BFN (big fat negative) or when AF (Aunt Flo) comes. Geez, there are a lot of acronyms in this world…

We’re in our late 30s. We’ve been together forever, but for whatever reason my desire to have a baby just never surfaced until a couple years ago. I suppose this is karma. We were originally diagnosed with unexplained infertility, with me testing positive for anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies, which is associated with subfertility, increased miscarriage risk, and increased preterm birth rate. However, we are now dealing with male factor infertility due to low morphology, along with some slightly decreased ovarian reserve, and will need to have IVF with ICSI to significantly improve our chances of having a biological child.

My basal body temperature charts: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/35e348

The test results:

May 2013 semen analysis (by outdated WHO criteria): 139 M/mL sperm count, 35% normal morphology, 21% with 4+ motility, total motile count 111M in the specimen

May 2013 CD3 hormone levels: FSH 5.8, LH 4.3, Estradiol 15.4 (borderline low), Prolactin 9.6, TSH 1.98, free T4 1.1, free T3 162 (low); 7DPO progesterone 15.19

June 2013 endocrine labs: AMH 6.13 (can be considered high), SHBG 67.3, Testosterone 32, 17-OH-progesterone 37

June 2014 semen analysis (by Kruger strict criteria): 158 M/mL sperm count, 3% normal morphology, 19% with a/4+ motility, total motile count 206M in the specimen

July 2014 CD3 hormone levels: AMH 1.28 (borderline low), FSH 8.2 (borderline high), Estradiol 44, Prolactin 8.9, HgbA1c 5.5, TSH 0.22 (borderline low – may have overshot increasing my Levothyroxine dose while on Clomid), free T4 1.5

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