TTC Timeline = Our Path to IVF

  • 2004: Marry the love of my life after meeting 8 years prior. In training and cannot even fathom trying to have kids during this time. On OCPs, then NuvaRing.
  • 2010: Stopped NuvaRing since I am uncomfortable as I get older staying on hormones (my grandmother had a stroke in her late 40s), however did continue to use Today sponge. As many in my field have joked, work is a good form of contraception.
  • June 2012: Stopped all contraception while in process of buying and remodeling our first house, however cycles were irregular and BD-ing infrequent during this time from stress and fatigue.
  • November 2012: Took first of many negative HPT’s when I was 5 days late, naively thinking I’d gotten pregnant while we were on vacation abroad the previous month. AF arrived that night during my aerial showcase. This was quickly followed by an awful stomach virus that kept me bedridden and not in the mood to try the rest of the month.
  • December 2012: Parents visited for the holidays, limiting BD-ing time but still managed a couple times around likely ovulation day.
  • January 2013: Began charting my temperatures and using OPK’s. Learned my luteal phase was a bit weak at 11-12 days, often with spotting, which in retrospect I did often have prior to AF’s arrival.
  • March 2013: Became very ill with fever during a road trip, didn’t ovulate until day 29 this cycle. Started this blog while crazily waiting it out.
  • April 2013: Called for GYN appointment when AF arrived, but receptionist turned me down because we hadn’t been trying for 12 months yet. My old friend/roommate, an OB/GYN, recommended I try acupuncture. Started seeing one, and my PMS symptoms and luteal phase improved.
  • May 2013: Get basic testing done on myself and semen analysis for hubby per acupuncturist. All looks OK to me, but acupuncturist is concerned about a low free T3 level, though my TSH and free T4 are within “normal” limits.
  • June 2013: Seen by Endocrinologist, also a friend. She runs more tests after discussing my TTC issues and family history, and I have a high level of anti-thyroperoxidase antibodies. Started on Levothyroxine to get TSH down around 1 for optimal conception chances. Since starting, my average ovulation day moved from day 21 to day 17. Officially “AMA” = advanced maternal age, “celebrate” arrival of AF by drinking a mimosa on my birthday.
  • July 2013: Begin seeing RE at office 30 minutes away after emailing him directly. Since I’m now 35 and haven’t conceived after at least 6 months of trying, I’m given the formal diagnosis of primary infertility.
  • August 2013: HSG is performed and completely clear, now officially have unexplained fertility.
  • October 2013: AF arrives after a very short 10-day luteal phase, lose it again and nearly start Clomid. Persuaded by acupuncturist to try for natural cycle IUI first. Unable to do so the next 3 cycles due to ovulation falling on weekend/holiday.
  • January 2014: 1st IUI, no medications. BFN.
  • February 2014: Stop all aerial exercise, just walking dogs and doing yoga. Ovulation frustratingly delayed to fall on a Saturday. Contact closer RE to transfer care since I am finally now ready to start Clomid.
  • March 2014: Clomid 50 mg on days 5-9, 16mm and 14mm follicles seen on R ovary day 13, suspect I ovulated day 14, follicles smaller on day 15, IUI on day 16. AF arrives day 27.
  • April 2014: Clomid 100 mg on days 3-7, 11mm follicle on L and 9mm follicle on R day 10, only 14-15mm follicle on L day 13, 19mm follicle on L and HCG trigger day 15, IUI’s day 16+17. AF arrives day 29.
  • May 2014: Clomid alternating 100-150mg on days 3-7, two 10mm follicles on R day 13 – couldn’t see L well, positive OPK day 14, 19mm follicle on L + IUI day 15, IUI day 16. AF arrives day 28.
  • June 2014: Break cycle – no meds, but meet an in-network RE who orders more testing. Positive OPK day 14. New sperm analysis using strict Kruger criteria shows only 3% normal morphology, referred to an out-of-network closer RE.
  • July 2014: Break cycle – no meds, my repeat testing now shows borderline ovarian reserve, and we meet the new RE to prepare for IVF+ICSI. Positive OPK day 15. Start birth control pills on the first day of my period in preparation for IVF next month.
  • August 2014: IVF #1! Start Lupron 10 units on 8/11. August 20 US looks good, and estradiol 11. Start Gonal-F 187 IU, Menopur 225 IU, and Medrol 8 mg on 8/22. 10 follicles measuring 7-10mm on day 5 of stims. 15+ follicles measuring 10-17mm on day 9 of stims.
  • September 2014: 12.9mm lining, 17 follicles measuring 12-25mm on day 12 of stims, estradiol 8000, Novarel 10,000 IU that evening. Egg retrieval 9/4 resulted in 23 eggs, with 20 fertilized at 24 hours, 2 others later (5 by ICSI); started Progesterone injections and suppositories, also Cabergoline to prevent OHSS. Transferred 2 high-grade blastocysts 9/9, 4 good-quality blastocysts to freeze, remaining not viable; progesterone level >300. Started baby aspirin. BFP on Wondfo and FRER 9/16! Beta 100 on 9/17. Beta 269 on 9/20.
  • October 2014: 1st ultrasound scheduled 10/4.

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