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This startup has been creating a new breast pump, one that is supposed to make it easier for women to pump discretely and efficiently at work. They are looking for beta testers. If your breastfed baby will be 3 to 9 months old as of November 1, please sign up!

Crying over soapy milk

I knew I should have had C taste test some frozen milk before pumping and storing a giant gift bag’s worth. Now I have 120 oz of soapy milk in my freezer that she won’t drink!! Yes, I am one of the supposedly rare, unfortunate women to have excess lipase in her breastmilk ūüė¶ I honestly think it’s pretty common since I know of at least 10 other women personally who’ve dealt with this. And it was not something I’d ever even heard about until I’d already been practicing for several years!

Right now, I’m taste testing my own milk to see when it turns bad. So far, 24 hours seems fine, so I’m hoping I can get away with not having to scald it every day, and only on Fridays in preparation for Monday. Just so frustrating when I’ve already dealt with delayed milk production and poor latching! I would quit except we’ve finally gotten to the point where we both enjoy nursing. I love the gummy grins she gives me while feeding. If only I didn’t have to go back to work in 12 days ūüė¶

Setting up my breast milk storage system

Two posts in one day! That could only mean one thing – I was too physically tired to do as much as I needed to in the nursery today, with more Braxton-Hicks happening. So I stuck to easier things, like sterilizing a couple bottles, nipples, and pacifiers, and running the dishwasher for future cups, bowls, and spoons. I’m hoping to stick to glass bottles, since I do feel like there is enough¬†plastic exposure these days (and BPA-free may not be all that safe either), but that will be up to baby girl to decide if she likes any of the brands we have. Currently we have 4 brands of glass bottles, 2 silicone bottles, and 2 traditional BPA-free plastic bottles that were samples/gifts. I only opened 2 of the glass so far, and hopefully I can return, resell, or gift the remainder once she settles on one! Tomorrow I need to work on sterilizing all my breast¬†pump parts, and figuring out how it works.

I learned of Milkies Milk Trays last year while researching for our registry, and thought this sounded like a great way to avoid wasting milk. It also allows for much quicker thawing since the portions are just 1-ounce sticks. If you live near a Buy Buy Baby, see if they have any on clearance under their old company name (Sensible Lines) – I found some for half off! After freezing in the trays, I’d pop the sticks out and store in regular freezer bags, which are cheaper than the usual breast milk storage bags.

I hung onto all the¬†gift bags from all the baby’s gifts for future re-use, and picked one out especially to create my breast milk storage system.¬†I can’t remember where I read about this, but I think it was a mom group on Facebook.¬†No need to buy special racks and trays, just need a gift bag and a little time to modify it. It’s a super easy way to make sure you always grab the oldest frozen milk first.