Endless spotting

It’s certainly not as worrisome as spotting if I were pregnant, but I have not fully stopped bleeding now since my period started 11 days ago. I had 4 days of regular flow, then it’s been constant spotting for the last week now. I never had problems like this before with birth control, so I don’t know if it’s because I started it on the same day my period came or what. In any case, it’s really annoying and keeping me from wanting to do anything fun with the hubby.

I happened to see twin patients who were conceived by IVF today. Out of curiosity, I asked the mom where she went, and turns out she saw my RE. Yay! She knew I was heading towards IVF, so I told her I was starting Lupron Monday, and she wished me luck, hoping that I could give her good news the next time I see them 🙂

Just 2 more days until the meds arrive! Going to be a crazy day since we’re driving 2 hours away for a wedding, and coming back right afterwards. Too expensive to stay overnight, and I’m on call Sunday. Hoping not to get called in, so that I have a chance to get my injection station set up and ready to go! I suppose I should also tackle that pesky laundry that’s been behind for weeks now…


Between the 15-hour time difference and a queasy stomach that started during a turbulent flight, I slept fitfully. Oh yes, along with checking every few hours for signs of my period. I was spotting just before the plane ride so was shocked that 24 hours later, nothing more happened. I started Googling the nearest drugstore because I didn’t pack any tests. But light flow seems to have finally started this morning, so highly unlikely. Cue me finding some caffeine to indulge in!

Dare to dream?

I had veeeery faint spotting this morning. It’s 6 or 7 dpo, depending on whether I believe the RE nurse practitioner or FertilityFriend. I’ve never had spotting at this time, so I am hoping against hope that this could be implantation spotting, even though chances are it may not be. Getting my progesterone drawn tomorrow morning. Will start checking my temperature again Friday, and plan to test Saturday, Sunday, and early Monday before catching our 4am cab to the airport!

Spotting is annoying

I didn’t have spotting for very long after the previous IUI’s, so the spotting 2 days after my last one is taking me by surprise. Hoping it stops soon. I really don’t want to think about cycles or fertility for the next week, though I’ve decided I’ll start testing next Saturday, which will be 11dpo per FertilityFriend or 10dpo per the nurse practitioner. I am really hoping I don’t start my period on the plane. I have some serious packing to do. Only 9 days until our big 10th anniversary trip!




This cycle has been all about confusion – did I ovulate day 15 or 16? I thought 15 but Fertility Friend says 16. Then with the spotting I had yesterday, I fully expected to wake up today (12-13 DPO) with a temperature drop, but instead I got a rise. And yes I tested, and it was a BFN (big fat negative). I’ve had this happen once before where I plummeted the next day, and my usual luteal phases are 12 days, so if Fertility Friend is right, then AF will arrive tomorrow. Blah.