The last pee sticks, my crazy thyroid, and symptoms

I peed on a stick for hopefully the last time ever yesterday night. These are all the pregnancy tests I had at home, and I refuse to spend a cent more since money has been flying out of my wallet much too rapidly for my taste. And we know it won’t get better when a kid (or two) arrives!

2014-09-19 18.19.52

I admit the 8dp5dt test did freak me out a little because it actually seemed lighter than 7dpfdt – but that was the same day my beta was 100, and I realized even though it was almost a 4-hour hold, I’d been pounding water leading up to it due to an A/C outage at work. Yesterday’s 9dp5dt line was much more satisfying 🙂

I wish my thyroid was more cooperative right now. I’d finally come back down to 75 mcg of Levothyroxine daily throughout my IVF cycle, after a max dose of 112 mcg while taking Clomid several months ago. As soon as I got the positive test 3 days ago, my endocrinologist told me to increase to 100 mcg daily, and we checked my labs. My TSH jumped from 1.4 to 2.48 in just a month, probably helped along near the end by the pregnancy. Strangely enough, my free T4 was a tad high at 1.6, and total T3 was normal at 97. Now I’m back up to 112 mcg and we’re rechecking in 2 weeks. So much for a break from the blood draws, but it will be worth it to make sure I carry the little one(s) to term.

Early fatigue was definitely hitting me yesterday at our dinner out with the hubby’s coworkers. I slept all the way home, and promptly went to bed at 10:15. Today I tried to make sure that my stomach was never too empty or too full, and that seems to help keep the nausea away. Work wasn’t too bad, but my back definitely started to ache more by end of day, and after coming home all I want to do is lay on the couch with my feet up. My 3 colleagues now all know, since they’ve been affected by my being in and out for the IVF, and I wanted to give them a heads-up since the first trimester could be dicey given all the risk factors.

I did email my RE yesterday to confess about my first beta, and I was getting nervous that I’d offended him because it was taking him longer than usual to respond. He finally emailed back this morning, and said what great news it was, to continue the Progesterone and Aspirin (through first trimester), and stop the Medrol (which I already did). Tomorrow I’m heading in at 8am to get my blood drawn, since I need to take my car in for service after that. I should be able to schedule my ultrasound in 2 weeks then as well. My next question for the RE will be when I can finally exercise again. I’m missing yoga and SUP, and want to take advantage while it’s still warm enough! I spoke with my aerial teacher, and I can even do relaxation flying yoga with modifications – I feel like this would help relieve some of my aches and pains, so this makes me very happy!

Thyroid woes

I’ve been stable on 75 mcg of levothyroxine for 6 months now, with a TSH of 1 when I checked at the beginning of this year. I wasn’t due to check it until next month, but when I checked into lab for my 7dpo progesterone level, the clerk asked if I wanted to go ahead and add the order since it was open. Figured why not, didn’t really think it would change that much, but holy crap, I just got the result notification, and it’s up to 2.16! Of course with the weekend, I won’t hear from my endocrinologist until Monday, but for now I’ll follow her instructions to increase my dose as if I were pregnant, and take 2 pills in the morning 3 times a week. So perhaps it’s not the Clomid directly making me feel crummy, but its effect on my thyroid. Arrrgghhhh! Still no word on the progesterone level, hopefully it will be run this weekend.

Food battles. And no more empire dresses until I’m pregnant!

The first time I met my acupuncturist, she strongly advised me to cut carbs and go gluten-free, per the advice in this video:

I’d already been eating healthier the last couple years due to wanting to stay in performance shape for aerial, but this video, along with the knowledge of many of my own patients having PCOS or menstrual irregularities due to poor eating habits made me examine my diet even more carefully. There is no question I have a sweet tooth (not uncommon with hypothyroidism, apparently), and if there is one food I would love to eat the rest of my life – it’s bread. Sigh…

So I now make myself wheatgrass smoothies to make sure I get good fruits and veggies in each day. I stopped buying bread, and started relying more on My Fit Foods (mostly gluten-free) for meals. At home it’s not so bad, but going out to eat has been really tough. I can’t imagine having celiac disease or a wheat allergy and trying to eat out! There are definitely more options these days where I live, but not with the more innovative restaurants catering to foodies. So I let myself cheat then. However, after 3 months and seeing minor improvements with everything I was doing, I decided I really need to try and be strict. If only I could easily find gluten-free ponzu sauce for our favorite shabu place…

Add in the fact that I have to take my thyroid medication half an hour before breakfast, and that calcium, zinc, and iron interfere with its absorption, I have had to watch my eating way more than I’ve been used to. It’s frustrating not being able to grab a quick yogurt or cereal in the mornings, and my breakfasts have to be planned the night before so that I can get out the door in time for work.

Also, I really don’t think I have much of a gut, at least compared to my skinny-fat years before aerial. But every time I wear an empire-waist style dress, a patient’s mother asks me if I’m pregnant! It happened again today. Agggghhh!! She felt terrible and actually apologized beforehand, but really, this is why I NEVER ask if somebody’s pregnant!! So sad, because I love my comfortable dresses for work :/