She’s back

36 days after my daughter turned a year old, Aunt Flo has arrived for a long overdue visit. Makes sense, given we’re down to 3-4 nursing sessions a day at most and I stopped pumping. I thought I had a period around 7 weeks postpartum, but after several days of light bleeding then, there was no sign of a period again.

Until now… and frankly, I’m not sure what to think or feel. As time goes on, the thought of going through who knows how many thaw and transfer cycles, or miraculously becoming pregnant the old-fashioned way… it’s terrifying. Which means I need to seriously think about long-term contraception now. Too much to consider right now!

2 months old! (late post)

It’s been a hell of a week with the water damage/mold disaster in my house, and we haven’t even started remediation yet. At least we can run the A/C now without worrying about adding more damage to the problem. But it looks like we’re in for a week of construction in a containment zone, presuming the surface testing comes back negative for asbestos (and I will *SOB* if that comes back positive…).

So I’m finally getting around to C’s 2-month update, 3 days late, and oddly enough 34 hours into being alone with her while daddy’s out of town. He’ll be back Monday night currently, though he’s thinking he’ll head to the airport early that morning to see if he can hop on an earlier flight stand-by. Guess he misses us… that and it’s 100 degrees where he’s at and he doesn’t feel like playing tourist in that heat 😛 So far she’s done pretty well, I’ve been able to put her down fairly easily 2 nights in a row, and am keeping tabs on her over the monitor until I go to bed in the same room. I definitely sleep better not being right next to her, but am still close for any wake-ups and feeds.

C now weighs over 10 lbs, and was 22.25″ long at her check-up a couple weeks ago. She still has some room in 3-month clothes, but I have a feeling we’ll be moving onto 6 months pretty soon, and there are tons of outfits she likely won’t wear, since it’s much too warm for footed sleepers these days. She is becoming more interactive by the day, loving music and when I dance with her. Her neck is getting stronger, and she tolerates tummy time for up to 15 minutes at a time without major complaint. She’s managed to rotate herself even, though no signs of trying to roll over yet. Her hands are open more often now, and she’ll grasp toys briefly. She especially loves laying on her IKEA play gym mat, and has figured out that kicking the posts makes the dangling objects move.

Her sleep is starting to regulate a bit more, though I’m not tracking daytime naps, and I have yet to get her to nap in her crib. I’m attempting to follow the eat-play/activity-sleep routine, but it’s been hard with the house mess, and we were pretty cooped up all this week. So sad to miss stroller classes and Mommy & Me, and she really loves Music Together – first class she didn’t fuss at all! She definitely starts to get cranky after 6pm, and though I’ve tried putting her down earlier, I don’t have much luck until 9:30-10pm. I read her a book, nurse her, wipe her face and mouth, wrap her in the Miracle Blanket, and sing and rock her until she’s drowsy before putting her in her crib. She was waking up twice at night for a while because she’d only nurse one side before passing out, but last night I un-swaddled her and that kept her awake enough to take both sides, so she stayed asleep until she woke up at 6:30am. Hopefully I can nudge that wake-up to 7am, so that it buys me some time to get myself ready for work before having to feed and get her ready for the sitter’s.

She’s been exclusively nursed other than the rare bottle from dad, for almost 3 weeks now, and we’ve been able to nurse sitting up when needed. I guess we did our part to kick off World Breastfeeding Week when I nursed her at our nearby shopping mall this morning. I just really wanted to get out of the house, and it was time to feed her. She fed great, then slept through lunch with a friend before we headed to another friends’ house to pick up tons of hand-me-down clothes for 1 year and up, and I fed her there as well before coming home. Thankfully the nursing cover doesn’t bother her, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

With the big increase in breastfeeding, I was pretty surprised to see some light flow today. It’s VERY light, but not just spotting. I sat there for a moment, thinking that it’s been a year since I’ve had a period. I felt a rush of emotions, but mostly thinking, crap, we really do need to use some birth control. Ugh… I’ve put that decision off for a while now, but I am finally starting to feel like having sex again, and though we’re both exhausted, I know at some point it will happen. And while we still haven’t decided about a second child yet, I know for sure we don’t want another child just yet! Even though the chances are low, I don’t want to take that tiny chance right now.

OK, that’s quite a long post already, and I need to shower and get to bed. No big plans tomorrow, but I know she’ll be up around 6am whether I like it or not!

CD4 Indulgences

AF has been heavy again, but thankfully work hasn’t been as bad and I’ve really pushed the water, so made it through with just a headache and no lightheadedness this time. We went out early for Valentine’s dinner to avoid the craziness tomorrow, and I let myself indulge in sushi and a cocktail. This is also my 5th day of taking it easy. So far I’ve just done fertility yoga and walked the dogs, and surprisingly not going too crazy yet. Just trying to stay productive at work and get caught up on housework – the stuff that often fell to the wayside between infertility and aerial. Going to read in bed now until I pass out…

Unwelcome visitor

My temperature fell to just above my coverline this morning, so I didn’t even bother to test. AF has also now arrived, and I’m hoping that she is a gentler, more courteous visitor than her last time around. And with that, life goes on… I have a big day tomorrow leading some training at work, and still need to somehow get my blood drawn proving I’m not pregnant, while still seeing patients. Looked ahead and warned my husband about what days I need to him to be available for specimen collection. Got all my week’s supplements and herbs prepped, ordered ones I ran out of. Onto the next cycle.