Visit today

I met with the nurse practitioner who works with my REI today. She did a baseline ultrasound looking at my ovaries, and everything looks good – each of them has some nice follicles developing, and she said I should respond nicely to Clomid based on this. The thing is… I just am not ready. I’m willing to try a natural cycle (no clomid or trigger HCG shot) IUI, and my REI said he’s fine with doing that too, but timing is the issue. If I get a positive OPK late on Friday or the weekend (which has been my pattern recently), then I’m out of luck. Looking ahead even further, I’m due to ovulate right around Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Oh, and my family’s visiting the week of Thanksgiving… AWESOME.

Dealing with the hormonal side effects of Clomid during the holiday craziness just doesn’t sound like a great idea. So I’m crossing my fingers for ovulating naturally on a weekday right now.

Visit with the REI – official diagnosis of “primary infertility”

I met the REI this morning. Really nice man, very calm and matter-of-fact. Not intimidating at all. We discussed our tests so far, that our chances are still good, and what the next steps should be. The one test I haven’t done yet is the most invasive – the hysterosalpingogram. Which sounds like a load of fun. NOT! Will definitely be making sure the hubby accompanies me to that in case I’m too uncomfortable to drive afterwards.

Oh, and I’m 11 days past ovulation today. Not supposed to test until this weekend, but think I will tomorrow morning since I’m seeing the acupuncturist.