Overall smooth with a little bit of spazz

My first Lupron injection went pretty well this morning. Woke up 15 minutes earlier than usual to make sure I gave myself plenty of time, but the whole thing took less than 5 minutes. I don’t draw up medications and give injections much in my practice, but have done so enough times in the past that it wasn’t tough to go through the motions. Of course, I had to have ONE spazzy moment! I had the needle in the bottle and had drawn up the 10 units of med I needed, and without thinking, I withdrew the needle while the bottle was still upside down. Small stream of medication jets out. Oopsie, should still be plenty for what I need left! At least from there on, it was pretty quick and painless injecting into my tummy – one good part of the weight gain is I’m not lacking for injection sites. This needle is the smallest one possible, the same ones diabetics use to give themselves insulin injections. I can imagine that it’ll get tougher once I add the stim injections into the mix – I hear those burn like a mofo. Yay!

Oh yes, Freedom Fertility Pharmacy has a great phone app with information on all the various medications, including written instructions and videos on giving the injections. It’s available on both Android and iPhone. I found it simple to navigate and review the steps beforehand, and I plan to share it with my husband before he has to give me IM injections.

Type A Prepping for IVF

I’ve been reading various blogs of those going through IVF, and also read through the pertinent sections on Stirrup Queens, which I found really helpful. I realized it would be useful to get myself organized and prepped as much as possible before the cycle, to reduce stressing out about them while I’m going through it. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Created a Google calendar shareable with my husband dedicated solely to IVF. Once we met the RE and were given a rough timeline of events, I added them to the calendar. We use Google calendar already for our own schedules, and have found it to be the easiest way to stay on top of our lives, especially since it syncs up easily with our smartphones. Viewable formats include monthly (see mine below), weekly, and agenda. It’s easy to add notification alarms, locations, and notes about results/phone calls in there as well, so for those that want to stick with one organizational method for IVF, I think this could be a simple solution!gcal
  • Almost every blog I read that gave tips on getting through IVF mentioned spreadsheets. Again, staying with the Google theme since it’s easy to share with hubby, I found some examples online to create my own Google Spreadsheet:ivfspreadsheet
  • I hadn’t read about any IVF phone apps, but out of curiosity, I searched on the Google Play site (yes, we are Android users, can you tell?) and found what look to be 2 useful apps. I’ve only played with them for a bit, so time will tell if I end up keeping them or sticking to the above 2 methods, but others may find them really helpful. IVF Planner allows you to add medicines, appointments, and track test results in a straightforward, easy-to-use application (free on Play and $0.99 on iTunes) – their screenshots are exactly what you’ll find. [EDIT: It keeps crashing my phone, don’t know if other people will have better luck with it but I had to uninstall it.] I don’t know if there’s a free iPhone app since I’m not a user. For more of the relaxation/mind-body component of IVF, there’s Sims IVF Mind Body (free on both Play and iTunes). It includes tips for reducing stress, recordings to help quiet the mind, and a place to keep a journal of your emotions and stresses.

I’m also stocking my IVF survival kit, to help get me through the clinic waits, injections, procedures, and bloating. Will be making sure we have enough pet food and litter for our crew also, since the last thing I need to be doing is hauling heavy bags and boxes during those weeks.

I know there’s debate about vigorous exercise harming fertility, but I’m indulging in all the aerial and SUP classes I can squeeze in right now, if only to keep myself from going past that BMI of 25, because I’m just a few pounds away right now. I’ve lost my taste for lattes and black tea during this struggle with infertility, so a green milk tea 4 times a week is the most caffeine I get these days.

In the meantime, I continue to take my Levothyroxine (currently 100 mcg daily and hopefully will be able to decrease after my next blood draw in a couple weeks!), prenatal vitamins, DHA, vitamin D, probiotic, CoQ10, royal jelly, tyrosine and kelp for my thyroid, anti-inflammatories per my acupuncturist, and wheatgrass in my chia seed-prune juice-fruit smoothies. So yes, you bet I still have 3 sets of pill boxes for all that!

I still see my acupuncturist once a week, and she’s laid out a proposed treatment schedule for me around retrieval and transfer time. Again, counting my blessings that her office and the RE’s office are both so close to my house and office.

I hope people find this useful if they ever find themselves on the path to IVF!