Up and down

I’m learning to listen to my body as it adjusts post-retrieval, and doing everything I can to feel the best possible before transfer. Last night, I went to a rooftop yoga session by the ocean. It was very refreshing to do an easy flow outdoors, and the teacher gave me good modifications when I told her what I was going through – basically similar modifications to somebody who’s pregnant. I felt good afterwards, and decided to go to bed without taking Tylenol. I don’t think I’ll make that mistake tonight, because at 3:30am, I awoke to the worst abdominal cramps I’d had in a while, accompanied by nausea. I actually retched a few times but nothing came up. I was very bloated, and in the end, curled up in a fetal position with 3 of the fur-kids tucking themselves in around me – bless their little hearts. I finally drifted off after an hour or so, based on the sleep app on my phone.

Thankfully I woke up feeling better, but not fantastic. Good timing for my acupuncture appointment, which did help. My acupuncturist also encouraged me to drink cabbage juice, a natural diuretic, alternating with the Gatorade/Propel. Basically, you take a whole head of cabbage, chop up coarsely, place in spaghetti pot with water twice as high as the cabbage, and boil the heck out of it for 45 minutes. Drain the water into pitchers/jars (I have a packed fridge shelf now), and continue to drink every day until done. Hoping this and the Cabergoline do the trick for me.

So the rest of the weekend I need to just drink my concoctions, take Miralax and glycerin suppository, continue all the meds, and do as little as possible. Other than meditation class tomorrow, that’s it as far as plans. I need to make more beef bone broth tomorrow, but should be able to put it in the slow cooker, and let hubby keep an eye on it.

Retrieval success :)

I went to bed early, but woke up at 4am and couldn’t fall back asleep after hearing the cats break into the pantry and drag out their food bag. Hubby woke up at 6am, and after producing his sample, we drove the 5 minutes(!) to the office – so nice driving on empty roads! Arrived at 6:45am on the dot, only to find the door locked of course. The nurse arrived almost 10 minutes later, and they whisked me back to change into my gown. I was of course allowed to wear my socks 🙂

2014-09-04 10.26.01

The anesthesiologist was very sweet, and made small talk with me as he set everything up. The IV went in no problem, though my BP was the highest I’ve ever seen at 140s/90s. Even with all my calming measures, it gave me away. I had nothing to worry about, since I sedated very easily. The next thing I knew, the nurse was calling my name in recovery, and brought hubby over to me. The RE came by and told us he retrieved 23 eggs!! Oh my word… Much more than any of us anticipated I think. He said I am at risk for OHSS, so prescribed me Cabergoline (Dostinex) to take for 8 days. I’m pounding Gatorade now, and my acupuncturist also recommended boiling down cabbage and drinking the juice since it’s a natural diuretic. I’ll see her Saturday, so she’ll do what she can to help treat any symptoms as well. I’ve taken some Tylenol to try and prevent any pain, and have a prescription for Tylenol with codeine if I need it – hopefully not, but we’ll see how a full day at work tomorrow feels!

He didn’t say anything about a fertilization report tomorrow, so if I don’t hear from them by lunch, I’ll call to see about an update. We are definitely planning for transfer on Tuesday, but won’t have a set time until Monday when the embryologist takes a look to see how far along the embryos look. I really hope it’ll be morning so the hubby can be there, but my massage therapist has volunteered to accompany me if he can’t. My acupuncturist will also be there to treat me.

All in all, I’m overjoyed to clear this hurdle. Onto some quality time with the couch, catching up on the DVR, and reading the rest of today 🙂

Almost there!

So the RE responded this morning and wrote that my estradiol level was 8000. Yikes! I didn’t realize that it’s actually the small follicles that he doesn’t measure that contribute to OHSS, so I’ll be asking tomorrow how much at risk I am. Was definitely not anticipating that given my borderline low AMH recently. The fullness is definitely increasing, work was pretty tough today. I was really glad 2 of my last patients no-showed, so I was able to leave early. I of course forgot to buy gauze and small band-aids since I took off in a hurry, so will swing by the pharmacy soon and get some Propel/Gatorade ready to go in addition to my coconut water. I’m nervous, and hoping I should be able to work on Friday, since I just learned my RE recommends bed-rest for 36 hours after retrieval, in addition to no exercise for 5 days after! That means no work Tuesday or Wednesday next week – not such a fun thing to tell my schedulers today. Poor things have had to do so much crazy schedule rearranging on my behalf the last month. I’m going to need to get them some Starbucks gift cards or something. I’m taking a stool softener right now in preparation also, I’ve noticed things have slowed down a bit the last few days, and from what I understand, it’ll only get worse once we start the progesterone. Yay, more to look forward to!

No idea when I’ll feel up to posting tomorrow, so here goes everything. Thanks to everybody for their wonderful wishes!