IVF Consultation

We met the RE for IVF consultation this morning. The only bad part was the waiting – we were surprised to encounter an empty waiting room at the time of our appointment, but it filled up soon after, and we weren’t seen until an hour afterwards. Everybody knows he runs behind, so they take their time coming in apparently. There was a couple there that drove my husband and I nuts with LOUD conversation about anything and everything – mainly the NBA, the World Cup, medical insurance. Otherwise, we’d been warned about the wait so came prepared with our devices and internet connection, which was fortunately good.

After reviewing our history and tests, he said we were good candidates to start IVF with my next cycle (in 2 weeks). He said we had a 50% chance of becoming pregnant, and a 20% chance of becoming pregnant with twins.

The timeline that he laid out for us:

  • I have a prescription for birth control to start on the first day of my next period, which should be in 2 weeks. I expected to get a positive OPK today but I didn’t, so I’m thinking I’ll likely ovulate Monday instead. Yes, I’m still testing because I like to know when to expect my period, and I have a few test strips left – might as well use them. I will take birth control for 3 weeks to optimize my response to the stimulation meds.
  • About a week after I start the birth control, I will go in for a saline sonohysterogram to make sure all is clear.
  • After finishing birth control, we move onto about 10 days of twice a day injections (he mentioned Menopur specifically, I don’t know if he has anything else in mind at this point). During this time, I should expect to go in for monitoring ultrasounds 3-4 times.
  • Egg retrieval will take place when he determines I’ve had the desired response to the injectables. This will be done with propofol for anesthesia. My friend warned me to ask for a prescription for Zofran since I have a tendency for motion sickness (yes, weird for an aerialist). I should expect to be on bed rest the remainder of the day and through the next day.
  • Hubby will provide his sperm sample at the same time, and mature eggs will be directly injected with the best sperm (ICSI), while the immature eggs will just be mixed with the remaining sperm (standard IVF).
  • Transfer should happen 5 days after retrieval, and I should be on bed rest the remainder of the day.

So the whole thing takes places over 5 weeks, and the beta test will fall close to my hubby’s birthday. Yikes! I’m thankful we’ll be able to attend the many events we have lined up next month since they all fall in the beginning. Though I may have to inject myself at a concert one Saturday… But I’ll figure it out when the time comes.

Now I just have to get through one more ovulation and 2ww on my own!

A true break until July 12

We are booked to see the RE for IVF+ICSI consultation on Saturday, July 12 (thank goodness for weekend appointments!). In the meantime, I need to make sure I have a letter of denial from the insurance company on file, and confirm my benefits with human resources to figure out how exactly everything will be paid. Until that day, I plan to eat sushi including the high-mercury stuff I’ve avoided, drink green tea without guilt, and work out as much as possible. Getting my period on my birthday in a few days is going to suck, but I’ve booked myself for a massage, and afterwards will go exploring the city with my sister. Birthday dinner will be at a new restaurant with my hubby and my sister. Not going to sweat turning 36!