Huh… that’s a first


I started noticing EWCM 2 days ago, so began checking OPK’s along with temperatures. Got a positive OPK today so looks like I’m ovulating tomorrow. Funny thing is, FertilityFriend has never predicted ovulation BEFORE it actually happens, so I was surprised to see the dotted red line appear after I entered the positive OPK result. Weird… Day 15 is pretty early for me, wonder if the Clomid’s still affecting me.

Please, oh PLEASE, let this be the month! It would really suck to start my period on my birthday 😦

The day after

I should really be catching up with work, but I need to decompress after a long day there. Sadly my day off tomorrow will be filled with finishing all my charts.

Being the good patient I am, I initiated relations with the hubby last night. We were both pretty exhausted from the day, but held on for that “extra credit” chance. I promptly fell asleep afterwards, while hubby made himself something to eat. Sex always gives him an appetite – some things just never change.

I woke up this morning, nervous to see my temperature, given last month’s half-hearted temperature rise. I was pleasantly surprised to see a whopping 1-degree rise – that’s the best I’ve ever seen since I started charting a year ago! Really hoping that means this was a strong ovulation and that this is “the egg” as my acupuncturist says. She also refers to the IUI as “getting past the bouncers”. Love her sense of humor – it’s so hard to laugh sometimes when getting poked, prodded, and losing all sense of dignity during this process.




This cycle has been all about confusion – did I ovulate day 15 or 16? I thought 15 but Fertility Friend says 16. Then with the spotting I had yesterday, I fully expected to wake up today (12-13 DPO) with a temperature drop, but instead I got a rise. And yes I tested, and it was a BFN (big fat negative). I’ve had this happen once before where I plummeted the next day, and my usual luteal phases are 12 days, so if Fertility Friend is right, then AF will arrive tomorrow. Blah.

Feeling good!

And no, I’m not pregnant. For the first time in months, seeing my temperature drop and getting my period didn’t send me into a cascade of tears. Emotionally, acupuncture and herbs have definitely helped! Not to mention my BBT chart showed definite signs of improvement – no more zig-zags at the beginning of my cycle, and a nice strong luteal phase with no temperature drops until 13 days after ovulation. Not to mention I hardly noticed any PMS symptoms and my period started without me feeling exhausted, even during a 2-hour workout. I had a good progesterone level 7 days after ovulation, and will be getting some more hormone levels checked in a couple days, just to make sure everything is looking good.

The husband also very graciously submitted a sample for semen analysis, and though motility has room for improvement, everything else looks quite good. So he’s on his own supplement regimen too. I’m truly thankful for him – he’s always been with me every step of the way, from back when I was dead set against having children to now. Couldn’t ask for more in a partner.