Crazy busy weekend, leading to a bleeding freakout

With that worrisome title, I’ll start off by saying that baby girl is fine, thank goodness! I didn’t want to wait until weekly update time since there’s been so much going on the last few days, so here goes – warning, it’s a long post…

We attended a coed baby shower on Saturday for friends who are due just 2 days before us. Was great catching up with several friends there, and the mommy-to-be and I took pictures together with our bumps, I’m sure the first of many pictures with our daughters. Right after that, we headed 20 minutes away for a wedding, which was lovely and a fun chance to catch up with some coworkers. Had a nice low blood sugar after the wedding dinner, so allowed myself to indulge in a small slice of wedding cake, which is from one of my favorite bakeries!

I started off with a SUP yoga class Sunday. We paddled out of the harbor, not realizing how choppy it really was, so I dropped to my knees when the waves started to buffet me from both directions. Paddled back into the calmer waters of the harbor and enjoyed a nice stretchy yoga class there.


After a quick rinse-off at home, I drove to one of hubby’s teammate’s homes for the first baby shower in my honor. Indulged in bites of yummy food, and brought home some sweet treats to portion out for bedtime snacks, along with an overflowing trunk of gifts. I was truly overwhelmed by the generosity and love – baby C has so many people excited to meet her 🙂

2015-03-22 18.05.45

Finished off the weekend with an amazing float session. The last thing I remembered before conking out was laying back in the water, and next thing I knew, I heard soft music playing, indicating that 90 minutes was up! Just what I needed after such a crazy weekend.

Worked my usual 10-hour Monday, and unfortunately was running behind from the start. It was tough squeezing in my required snacks, but somehow I managed, and was able to get home with enough time to get dinner made by 8pm. Afterwards, I noticed I was experiencing kicks higher than normal, so I became hopeful that baby C was finally flipping from breech to head down.

My last ultrasound was almost 3 weeks ago at 28 weeks, and the next appointment wasn’t scheduled until 34 weeks since my OB will be out of town, and the other clinic OBs will also be on spring break. We’d decided there wasn’t much value to seeing a random covering OB in between, and from 34 weeks on, I’d be seen weekly anyways.

I guess baby C wasn’t on board with this plan, because just before heading off to work this morning, I found a dime-sized drop of dark dried blood on my pantyliner. I think it likely happened early in the night, and I didn’t notice it at 5am when I peed because it was dark. I immediately started calling to see if I could get an appointment, and also left a message for my clinic scheduler to block any of my open slots for the day until I knew for sure when I’d be seen. After exhausting the usual routes and being told all the clinic OBs were booked, I texted my nurse asking if she could send me the direct lines for my OB and his nurse (why I didn’t save this in my phone before, I have no idea). She one-upped me and sent me his cell phone in addition, so I called him as I hopped in the car to drive to work. He told me there was no reason to panic based on what I was describing and the fact I was still feeling her move a lot this morning, but that it was definitely reasonable to get me in for a quick ultrasound.

Arrived at clinic, quickly dropped off my stuff in my office, and went down the hall for my appointment. OB immediately found a strong heartbeat, and baby C showed her displeasure at getting prodded by kicking back. At this point, I noticed that we were looking at her legs with the probe well above my belly button – and I exclaimed, “OMG, did she turn??”. He verified she was head down, and said it’d be unlikely for her to flip again at this point in the pregnancy – hurray! He thinks the bleeding was from the combination of all the recent days’ activity with little rest in between, combined with her flipping, based on the change in where I was feeling movements yesterday evening.

So long as the bleeding doesn’t continue, I can keep up my usual activities including work and yoga. If i continue to get spotting off and on, he said he’d take me off of work. Which I really cannot afford to do at this point, so I’m going to be really conscious of hydrating and resting from this point on. I’ll continue to lift but scale it back – PRs in deadlifts can definitely wait! And I’ll definitely keep paddling so long as I feel nice and stable on the board – with knees and sitting always an option.

Oh yes, my maternity StitchFix arrived, and I was bummed with the selection 😦 The stylist said they were out of stock on maxi dresses, and instead sent a LONG-sleeve gray striped maternity dress that squeezed me in all the wrong places – um, what? Highs have been 70s and even up to 90s here! The navy blue-striped maternity top was cute but not worth $54 when I’m already 7 months pregnant. She also picked a regular-sized white denim jacket, which I did like, but could not imagine trying to keep clean once baby arrives. The necklace is interesting but I can’t see myself ever wearing it. Finally, the only item I decided to keep so as not to waste the styling fee was the LA Made Maternity blue cap-sleeve dress with a nursing panel – at $84, it’s much more than I’d like to spend on a maternity dress (for comparison, I found this dress for my maternity shoot on eBay for $40 – I just need to have it hemmed), but at least I can get future use out of it for nursing. I really hope their petite stylists do better, but I can’t really recommend the maternity styling for anybody who’s already well into their second trimester, unless you have a much higher shopping budget than I do!


Stitch Fix now carries maternity and petite!

Hurray, Stitch Fix is now carrying maternity AND petite clothing! They previously would send regular clothing that could work for pregnancy, but I didn’t find the sizing to work for me, though I did love their regular clothing when I wasn’t pregnant. Can’t wait to see what they might find for my baby shower and maternity photos!

If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, leave your email in a comment (I’ve changed my settings to manually approve, so they will not publish) and I’ll send you my referral code!

Checking in

I don’t have a lot to report, so haven’t been posting much. I’m currently 9 days past ovulation (which I actually had to think about and didn’t know right off the top of my head!), so I’m expecting my period to arrive this Sunday, meaning I can start birth control pills and call for my sonohysterogram appointment. In the meantime, I’m doing as much stand-up paddling and aerial as my body and schedule can handle. There’s been no movement downward in my weight unfortunately, but I do at least feel like my strength is returning.

I started using Stitch Fix last month, and loved my first box so much I kept everything in it! My second box arrived Monday, and I was hoping to receive a dress to wear to a wedding in a couple weeks. Sadly, I couldn’t get my usual size to zip up past my rib cage. I lucked out last month since the tops and dresses I received were all stretchy, but not so much this time around. I did finally find a simple black dress to wear from Banana Republic, just 2 sizes bigger than normal in order for it to zip up. Hopefully it will take me through a pregnancy? Wishful thinking…

I’m starting to gather reading material for the days that I’m laid up for retrieval and transfer. Hubby recently got into the Game of Thrones TV show, so I’m debating reading the books. However, I’m feeling like I need something more lighthearted for that time. I know Liane Moriarty’s newest book (a mystery?) comes out in a few days, but would love more suggestions for some light and frothy chick lit.

PMS and the quest for comfy pants

Comfy pants!Bloating and backache have crept up on me in the last few days, and I’m very uncomfortable today with a little spotting. Not able to indulge in caffeine or sugar, now my chosen vice during PMS is… online shopping. I’ve had to leave the top button/hook undone on my pants in the last week, and have heard about the bloating and discomfort while taking Clomid. At home, I live in my yoga and sweat pants, but my wardrobe is definitely lacking in comfortable options for work. Hoping these 3 pairs work out. The ones on the models are loose fit pants from H&M, the other is the easy fit pant from Uniqlo. Being a shorty, I really hope these don’t overwhelm me. And who’s going to bet I’ll be asked if I’m pregnant when I start wearing these?