Update after ultrasound – meh.

The clinic wasn’t sure why I was just canceled and not rescheduled, but a nurse was able to work me into the other NP’s schedule. As usual, my right ovary played hard-to-get, and it took her a while to find anything, partly because there were no active follicles to be found 😦 The one on my left that was 11mm 3 days ago was only 14-15mm, kind of slow growth for a medicated cycle. We debated what to do next – ultimately I decided to wait for another ultrasound on Wednesday since I honestly feel no signs of anything close to ovulation yet. So after getting so worked up this morning about the canceled appointment, it sucks to get let down. I’m kind of a thrill-seeker and LOVE roller coasters, but I really want off this particular one soon.

CD13 – NO ultrasound >_<

I took advantage of my day off this morning to sleep in,  but ended up missing phone calls letting me know that the infertility NP had called out sick and my appointment this morning was canceled. It would have been nice to have been left a message with that information, but I had a bad feeling and logged onto my online health account to figure that out. So I’ve left a phone message and sent an email hoping to get scheduled with anybody for an ultrasound either today or tomorrow, but I’m not holding out hope. In the meantime all my OPK’s are turning up negative.

I’m also frustrated because I know if I somehow end up with an appointment tomorrow, I will have to call out sick and in turn cancel my own patients. Argh, this is stress I definitely don’t need!