Round 2

So yesterday was a fluke with how easy the catheter passed through. Even with the tenaculum today, the NP just couldn’t get it quite past the internal os. She ended up placing a cap to help ensure the sperm stay up there for the next 4 hours when I’ll remove it. So I’m glad I opted to have 2 IUI’s this time around, especially since my temperature came up a bit this morning. With the pains I felt yesterday, I’m pretty certain ovulation happened yesterday, as expected just over 24 hours after the HCG trigger.

IUI #2 done… hopefully with good timing?

There’s been a lot of confusion regarding my ovulation these last few days, but to make a long story short, I had my 2nd IUI done today. The midwife who performed it used some sort of tool to pull on my cervix to help with threading the catheter in, so there was none of the trouble with insertion like the first time. It was a little more uncomfortable and I had a bit of bleeding afterwards, but nothing terrible. I was terrified of having this done in Urgent Care, but turned out I just had to check in there and then she walked me across the lobby to OB/GYN clinic to do the procedure. The worst part was the nosy receptionist who kept asking why I had no copay, while 10 patients were waiting behind me to check in. Is that really necessary??

For those who want to know the details and may have some insight to offer, I’d like your take on the following. 3 days ago, I had a 16 mm (I mis-heard her and thought it was 19 mm) and a 14 mm follicle on my right ovary. The next day, I was feeling bloated and had some back-ache along with increased egg-white mucus and a slight temperature dip, but had yet to get a positive OPK. When I returned for another ultrasound yesterday morning, a different NP could only find smaller follicles on my right, though they didn’t have the “collapsed” appearance that I understand you should often see after ovulation. She did feel though that I may have ovulated recently, and went ahead and booked me for the IUI today. I didn’t argue, because at this point, I want to get through 6 IUI’s as quickly as possible so that I can get to IVF if needed.

Here’s where it gets confusing though. After the ultrasound yesterday morning, I came home and tested and got a positive OPK. Her theory is that my LH surge wasn’t strong enough (huh?) to get picked up until yesterday morning, even though in the past I have consistently tested positive in the morning before every temperature shift for a year now. And out of curiosity, I tested again this morning before I went in for the IUI, and it again came back positive.

And for those who like to analyze BBT charts, here it is so far. Clomid has definitely made my chart harder to interpret compared to before. Will be interesting to see how Fertility Friend interprets this in the days to come.


Ovulation on day 15!!

Maybe it was being surrounded by estrogen on my ladies’ weekend, or the combination of the acupuncture, herbs, and levothyroxine finally kicking in after 3-4 months… I don’t know, but for the first time since I’ve started tracking, I actually ovulated “on time”. The only drawback was timing didn’t work out great this cycle between my HSG and the hubby’s trip, but if this continues the next few months, I feel much more confident in our chances without further intervention. It seems like so many of my friends have needed clomiphene, but I’d like to avoid it if at all possible. Now to get through these next few weeks without my acupuncturist, who’s on a trip to Tibet!