Is this the honeymoon starting?? And thinking about childbirth…

I tried skipping Unisom last night, figuring that this was the one day all week where I had absolutely nothing scheduled. The risk paid off! No retching whatsoever. I did have one near-vomit moment when I bent over too much soon after eating, but that resolved itself quickly.

I did succumb to a nap, which I blame on one of our older cats curling up on my feet right after I ate my first lunch (yes, first and second meals, much like a Hobbit – though the meals are quite small). But after waking, I felt good enough that I took the dogs on a walk for the first time in weeks. Then I followed this up by finally working out to the Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout DVD I’d bought so long ago but never used. It was a little cheesy, but not bad as far as workout videos go, and it was certainly effective. It felt great to finally get some physical activity besides stretching.

I’ve gone a bit crazy with hoarding baby stuff in the last 2 months, and especially over Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I have quite the crazy pile forming in the guest room/future nursery. Somehow I need to organize it before we have a guest stay with us in 2 weeks. After that spree, I decided to stop – other than furniture items, I know that many of our other registry items will be gifted to us, or we can buy them afterwards using gift cards and registry discounts.

So now I’m focusing all my energy on researching and preparing for the birth process. As a physician, I absolutely plan on delivering in the hospital – there is no question, I have just seen too many bad outcomes over the years, that I know I would need to be in that setting, especially given my high-risk status. Previously, I’d thought nothing of getting an epidural, but over time as I’ve talked with friends more about their experiences, and read some more, I’m wondering if I could prepare myself for a non-medicated birth. I need to also talk with my mom when we visit over the holidays, to hear her experiences. I vaguely remember she had to be induced due to high blood pressure for my sister, but as far as I know, her pregnancy with me was uncomplicated. So far, she has told me surprisingly little about her time being pregnant – only today did she tell me that she was pretty sick throughout most of her pregnancy with me, but felt fine during my sister’s.

The schedule for the hospital childbirth class isn’t good for both myself and hubby, so to take its place I’ve signed up for an inexpensive online Lamaze course that we can take when we are able, with unlimited access to the material, as well as a chance to ask questions of a course instructor. That’s more so that we are both prepared for any necessary medical interventions. And of course it’s been a long time since I’ve been present at a regular uncomplicated delivery.

I will definitely need more resources to really prepare myself to hopefully have an un-medicated birth. My friend will be loaning me her copy of Hypnobabies, which I’ve heard good things about. This sounds like something that I could mostly learn on my own, and not necessarily have to have hubby around all the time while studying it. The only thing that bothers me is its message that birth is painless – which some women have then complained afterwards that this certainly wasn’t their experience. So ideally I’d like to supplement with The Pink Kit, which takes the stance that yes, there is pain during the process but it can be managed through knowledge, techniques, and practice beforehand. The tough part is that I definitely will need more time on hubby’s part, but I think I can get him to invest in this later in the pregnancy, while I can start earlier. Main complaints about The Pink Kit are in its delivery – the materials look outdated and the text is repetitive, but the information is really valuable, and I haven’t been able to find another resource that would provide this same kind of information.

All of the above I just learned about this weekend, so I’m still a bit overwhelmed. However, knowing me and my Type A self, I just want to head into this as prepared as I possibly can be. Even if for medically justifiable reasons I need to be induced or have a C-section, I want to go in knowing that I did all I could to avoid them.

Back on the Unisom train

Well, so much for that experiment yesterday night. I woke up and retched 5 times in a row before finally throwing up – nothing. Since my stomach was empty, nothing came out, but it certainly felt like something would have otherwise. No further nausea or retching the rest of the day, but I’m more tired than I expected – think I didn’t sleep quite as soundly as I do normally. Maybe I’ll try a night without Unisom in another week 😛

Hope I don’t regret this in the morning

Today is the first day in 2 months that I didn’t retch even once! And though my appetite isn’t quite back to baseline and the thought of eating poultry is nauseating, I’m hoping that this means I’m finally entering the honeymoon phase. I skipped taking Unisom tonight, and really hoping that I feel good in the morning. Even the half dose makes me more tired than usual, so I’m really wanting to get some energy back.

Unisom, take me away!

Yesterday was terrible for my morning/all-day sickness. I woke up, retched a few times, then proceeded to force myself to take my protein drink as usual. But before I could even finish it, I had to throw up. Then the retching and nausea continued all. day. long. No break! I still made myself eat here and there, but I knew it was time to suck it up and buy some Unisom to take along with the B6 I’ve already been taking. I popped 25 mg last night before bed, and voila, no nausea or retching this morning, for the first time in I don’t know how many weeks! I ate a reasonable amount throughout the day until 7pm when the effect wore off. But dangit, it makes me super groggy. And the grogginess didn’t let up until almost lunch time. So I’m going to try taking 12.5 mg tonight, and hope that it’s just as effective without knocking me out.

I’m really very happy to throw up

Seriously, how did Princess Kate and all the other ladies who suffered hyperemesis gravidarum survive?? I called out sick today because it’s my worst day yet for symptoms with non-stop nausea and headaches, but I’ve only thrown up twice so far. I’ve been trying to make up for the lack of eating with more water, but that actually made me feel worse. I was catching up on crossing off days on the printable pregnancy calendar on our fridge, and read tomorrow’s tidbit out loud to hubby: “Some women experience only mild pregnancy symptoms.” Bitches! Ha… Poor hubby has had to hear me all day long since he’s working from home. He holed himself up in his office with the door closed – I wonder why 😛

A confession, and so it begins – 4 weeks today!

I have to fess up – I had my beta tested yesterday, 3 days before the RE is checking it. Due to a last-minute clinic cancellation yesterday afternoon, I decided to go ahead and have my thyroid tests done so I wouldn’t have to drive on my day off today for the blood draw. It suddenly came to me I could have a beta added… so I did. An even 100 at 8dp5dt! This is really happening! The nice thing is, this means I won’t need another blood draw after Saturday, since my RE only orders more if it’s <100. My veins will be thankful – yesterday was a little tough until the more experienced phlebotomist took over.

I’m really trying hard not to get ahead of myself, but it’s difficult when I am actually starting to feel pregnant now. I woke up this morning with some mild but persistent nausea. I’m sure eating a little first thing in the morning would help, but I’m not supposed to eat for at least 30-60 minutes after taking my thyroid medicine. I found some ginger drops I’d bought for traveling a few months ago, and sucking on one definitely helped. Now to search for my acupressure wristbands.

2014-09-18 08.08.39

Sleeping is definitely getting more difficult since I’m a back-sleeper, and now get a weird pulling sensation in my lower left abdomen. I have no idea if this has to do with my uterus that tilts slightly to the left or what. But it’s uncomfortable enough that I indulged myself by buying the much-lauded Snoogle. And I’m already loving it, as I lay back on it in the coiled-up configuration with my feet on the couch…. ahhhhh…