Starting the new year with confusion

The IUI really wasn’t meant to be scheduled Monday, since my temperatures haven’t shown any sign of rising, now 3 days after the positive OPK. I can only guess that my being sick a few weeks ago has delayed my ovulation. Hope this doesn’t set the tone for the year.

ADDENDUM: Decided I wanted to go ahead and get my TSH checked again today, since in the past work has been crazy after the new year. The phlebotomist recognized me as his childrens’ doctor, and was super nice, fast, and painless. Hurray!

Small victories

It’s been an emotional roller coaster of a week. So much so that while out karaoke’ing at 2am last weekend, I suddenly started crying for no good reason. This was very horrifying, as we were with a dozen or so friends, and I just couldn’t explain myself or stop. I think it was the combination of AF and staying up WAY past my bedtime – the exhaustion just hit me and next thing I know, tears are rolling down my face. Thankfully I felt much better after 8 hours’ sleep.

In any case, I’m celebrating the end of monthly blood draws today! After 3 months of gradually increasing my levothyroxine dose, my endocrinologist is satisfied with my labs. Thank goodness, because the last 2 blood draws were the worst to date, leaving me with awful bruises. I may go ahead and get another set of labs done in a month, since my acupuncturist really wants to see my free T3 levels, though the endocrinologist feels it’s of little value if I’m feeling good.