Pause mode

My OB/GYN called yesterday to discuss the next steps. From what the NP had said before, I thought he would go ahead and refer me to the outside RE for IVF, but after discussing what the in-network RE was planning, he wants to wait and see the results of our tests and what her recommendations are. Depending on those results, we would either:

  • Start injectables with IUI’s – My insurance would continue to cover this 100%. This would be my preference EXCEPT for the fact that I can only have this done at an office that’s at least 30 minutes away with no traffic. With how my appointments have been going the last few cycles, I’d have to take at least 4 half-days off every month. This other office also doesn’t have as predictable a schedule where I’d always get the first morning appointment. Taking off so much work has already stressed me out enough.
  • Request a letter stating that we need IVF based on the failed treatments with Clomid so far, and see the outside RE – My insurance would cover 80% of the cost. This RE’s office is less than 10 minutes from home. I’d obviously need to take more time off from work, but at least it’s much closer to both home and work. Interestingly, my acupuncturist is really pushing for this now. I think she feels that given I haven’t gotten pregnant from 4 IUI’s despite ovulating normally all this time, then we really need to go for the big guns.

Right now, I’m going to have to go back to the office that’s an hour away at least once for the saline sonohysterogram, and then a second time to review our results and discuss the next plan. I’m trying to see about paying out of pocket for hubby to do his test at a closer private fertility clinic, to avoid the 3+ hours he’ll spend in traffic along with missed time from work – it seems worth it if it’s less than $200.

Normally, I would be all worked up about this and planning the next steps, but I’m tired of all this. I’m tired of not feeling like myself, tired of peeing on sticks, checking temperatures, timing intercourse, and obsessing about every detail. It’s just exhausting. I turn 36 at the end of this month. How much longer can I go on like this?

Looking forward to my anniversary and birthday month

My 7-8dpo progesterone came back at 15.62, so definitely confirming ovulation, but again nowhere near as high as the RE has been wanting it – I just don’t respond to the Clomid like they want me to, so it’s definitely time to move on. No matter the outcome of this current cycle, I’m relishing the thought of a month off of hormone medications – freedom! Or relative freedom, since no doubt I will still take my temperature here and there and use OPKs, as well as see my acupuncturist when I’m back in town, but compared to the last 3 months, it’s going to feel like a true break from this whole craziness. I will have the RE appointment and she’ll probably want to get some baseline labs again, but at least my birthday month will start with an awesome anniversary trip, and end with my sister visiting for our birthdays.

Think I’m going to start testing tomorrow morning. It’s early I know, but I haven’t truly tested with an HPT since last year (not counting the one I did after my HCG trigger), and if there’s any cycle to test early, this would be it!