2nd ultrasound and change in due date??

I had my 2nd ultrasound today at the RE’s, which went great! The bean had a strong heartbeat, measured 13.3 mm long, which is on track for 7 weeks, 4 days. But wait, I’m 8 weeks, 2 days based on my egg retrieval date of 9/4?? Except my RE calculates my due date as date of conception from my transfer on 9/9, giving me a new due date of June 2, and making me exactly 7 weeks, 4 days today. I’m so confused… I think for the purposes of this blog I’ll keep my weekly updates based on the original.

2014-10-18 15.57.26I totally expected to have at least one more ultrasound and visit, but the RE says the baby is doing great, and he graduated me! I left my 2 remaining vials of Menopur at his office to try and sell to another patient, and brought my Sharps container in to empty. He wants me to continue Progesterone until 12 weeks, or November 18 by his calculation, but I plan to stop a week early because I don’t want to deal with flying with all the supplies to Vegas for our trip, and from what I’ve read many RE’s now stop at 8-10 weeks, so I feel very comfortable stopping at 11.

The morning sickness is definitely kicking my butt, and I ended up telling 2 more of our friends this weekend since they’re staying over. It’s nice to have the company while hubby’s out of town, but I feel like such a terrible host after taking a 2-hour nap, lol.

Huh… that’s a first


I started noticing EWCM 2 days ago, so began checking OPK’s along with temperatures. Got a positive OPK today so looks like I’m ovulating tomorrow. Funny thing is, FertilityFriend has never predicted ovulation BEFORE it actually happens, so I was surprised to see the dotted red line appear after I entered the positive OPK result. Weird… Day 15 is pretty early for me, wonder if the Clomid’s still affecting me.

Please, oh PLEASE, let this be the month! It would really suck to start my period on my birthday 😦