Update after last prenatal visit today

Still no big symptoms other than Braxton-Hicks, which tend to be more frequent in the evening. My OB, his nurse, and just about everybody in clinic was shocked to see me still pregnant today. We finally did a cervix check and I’m 70-80% effaced with no dilation. He was able to feel her head but it was still pretty high up. Baby girl still looks great on ultrasound, estimated weight of 7 lbs, and she remains active as ever. With my due date being tomorrow, and risks of early placental deterioration with gestational diabetes, we talked about scheduling induction, which is tricky since next Friday is also our wedding anniversary. My blood pressure was a bit high today, but I was also talking the whole time and had no protein in my urine. We’ll see how the blood pressure holds up once my parents (specifically my mom) arrive tonight 😛 So here is the scheduled plan, which all goes out the window of course if baby girl decides she will come out on her own – which would obviously be preferred!!

  • Have my first non-stress test this Friday morning. If everything still looks good, I get sent home. If not, then start induction immediately afterwards.
  • Scheduled for induction next Tuesday at noon. I would’ve preferred first thing in the morning but they already had 2 others scheduled. I can call and see if anybody ends up delivering before then.

So while I would obviously like to avoid induction if at all possible, it’s a relief to know that we’ll be meeting baby girl by a week from today! We can’t wait!!

Passing the time

Still just getting irregular Braxton-Hicks contractions, so have been trying to while away the time in a somewhat productive manner, without expending too much energy. I think hubby is bored, since he’s been home for 6 days already. He’ll be back to work tomorrow unless this baby decides otherwise…

I finally took many friends’ advice to heart, and started taking naps since my night-time insomnia is screwing me over in terms of total sleep. I figured out I’m getting 2-3 hour spurts before I wake up, which must be my body’s sick way of preparing me for actual baby. It’d been tough getting naps in between the nesting and making sure I’m eating/blood sugar testing at the right times, but yesterday I finally took a nap successfully! And was able to repeat that today. Hurray!

My 7-year-old HP laptop has been trying to die on me for the last year, but I really didn’t want to fork over more money for a new laptop. Fortunately hubby was able to brush the cobwebs off his 5-year-old Macbook a few months ago, and I finally started using it yesterday. I grew up with Macs, but switched to PCs during college, and never looked back. So after more than 15 years away from not using a Mac regularly, it was a bit of a learning curve. I finally have it set up where I’m used to it, and it certainly runs a lot faster than my HP! This should make it easier to keep up with family, since most have iPhones or iPads, and we can then use Facetime

Hubby and I watched the Jon Favreau movie “Chef” on Netflix, and we HIGHLY recommend it! Only problem was, I was salivating the whole time, and it just made my carb cravings worse, lol. We also started the series “Chef’s Table” last night, which was interesting, and I’ll definitely continue on with more episodes.

I started gathering addresses for thank you’s and birth announcements last night, and looks like I have everything ready to start working on those! I definitely need to get a move on with thank you’s since it’s been 2 months since the shower… I found a Groupon deal for birth announcement cards through Mixbook (highly recommend searching deal sites for stuff like this, can save you a lot!), and we picked out a template today:


I filled in as much information as I could, but of course it’s up to baby girl and our newborn photos to fill in the blanks. CAN’T. WAIT!!!

Contractions, expensive day, and some more home decor & organization pictures

I officially started trying to kick start labor yesterday. I saw my acupuncturist, who targeted some stimulating points, and it was crazy, but I could actually feel baby girl dropping lower during and after the session. I followed that up with a 30-minute steep neighborhood walk with the dogs in the evening. Afterwards, I started experiencing some longer, more frequent contractions, but they still didn’t feel like anything more than just tightening and never became regular. I went to bed relatively early, and they went away. It was great to sleep almost 8 hours, even if it was interrupted.

The repairman came out this morning to look at our dryer, which has been burning and melting our stuff off and on over the last few weeks. Unfortunately it needs the drum completely replaced, and on a 30+ year old dryer, that is impossible to find. So we ended up going online to research, and found a reasonably priced, well-rated LG washer/dryer combo – thank goodness for Memorial Day sales! Technically our washer still works, but it doesn’t wash very well, and the new one is a high-efficiency top-loader, so it’ll use less water and detergent, definitely a big plus with the drought nowadays.

Oh yes! Here is our reorganized linen closet, pantry, and kitchen closet. I also attached hooks to the inside of the pantry door to hang my pump accessories and bottle cooler that will be traveling to work with me. It makes me so happy to be able to see where everything is so easily now. If I get a chance, I’ll be adding labels too.


I decided to use my HomeGoods gift card today to finish up decorating parts of the house. We’ve lived here almost 3 years, but it finally feels more homey, and ready to welcome home our baby girl! ❤


39-week update

How far along: 39 weeks – now truly full-term!

Meds: all taken daily – prenatal vitamins, vitamin D, DHA, probiotic, Levothyroxine 100 mcg

Gestational diabetes: Blood sugars seem to be back in range. Everybody seems surprised that I managed to stay off insulin, though I will admit sticking to the diet has been tougher lately. I am really missing my carbs 😦

Baby is the size of: a mini watermelon

Belly pictures: She’s definitely dropping some more, though I still don’t feel much pelvic pressure, just a more frequent need to pee.


Total weight gain: Totally don’t understand my body – down a pound from last week, so just over 14 pounds up from pre-fertility treatment. Granted, my pre-fertility weight was about 5 pounds more than my previous steady weight when I exercised quite a bit, but I still feel a little weird looking at that number. Again, baby girl seems to be growing just fine, so I try not to stress about it.

Stretch marks: Nada!

Sleep: I’m able to get back to sleep after the 5am bathroom trip, but it’s fitful and I keep waking up every hour after that. Hoping for better sleep now that I feel like the house is pretty much ready. Hubby and I are also switching our usual sides for the first time tonight, to accommodate the location of the pack & play. Hopefully I settle easily with this!

Symptoms/Feeling: Still with constipation, I went ahead and took a Docusate tonight. And today was the first day where my back and hips bothered me all day without any break. I was extremely productive this week with my continuing education, renewing my professional license, and cleaning around the house, so I’m finally feeling like I’m ready for her to come, whenever she decides that will be! Also noticed some foot swelling today, my usually comfy soft flats were squishing my feet at dinner today. Guess I’m sticking to flip flops from here on out!

Our friends that were due 2 days before us delivered 2 days ago, so I’m now officially the last one standing out of 4 of us that were due this month (the other 2 delivered in April). I really do feel like a ticking bomb now, and have to remember to carry my phone with me even if I’m just walking the dogs near home.

Best moment of this week: Finishing the nursery, for sure! Closely followed by having baby girl’s godmother stay with us – we completed all the big to-do’s I had on my list, and it was so good to see her again. Now if baby girl will arrive in 2 days on her godmother’s birthday, that would thrill all of us!

Miss anything: Good sleep. And still a big hunk of French bread, raw tuna, and I think I finally settled on what I want to eat post-delivery – a generous slice of chocolate dobash cake from a local bakery!

Movement: Lots of stretching and hiccups, she’s definitely out of room!

Food cravings: See above. It’s been hard eating full meals lately, I get full way too quickly!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not this week!

Labor signs: Just the more frequent Braxton-Hicks, though they definitely correlate more with when I’m physically active with the cleaning and nesting. Otherwise, nothing different so far.

Belly button in or out: Currently flat with a bit of indentation, other times it pops out more.

Wedding rings on or off: They’re on and still pretty loose.

Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy, though the moodiness creeps in when I’m due to eat or my back is really bothering me.

Purchases/preparations for baby: I can’t believe people are still sending clothes for her – agggghhhh! Going to be making some returns tomorrow again. Otherwise, it looks like we are finally all set, after I rearranged our bedroom to get the pack & play situated next to me. Pump parts are sterilized or cleaned and ready for use, and I may test it out this weekend to see if I can stimulate labor if I don’t start on my own by then. The house is also de-cluttered and organized for the first time since we moved in almost 3 years ago, with the last bit of craziness restricted to essentially a giant walk-in closet now. We’ll see if I feel like dealing with that tomorrow, in between baking myself lactation cookies. Hubby did finally pack his hospital bag over the weekend as well, so now we just wait…

Looking forward to: MEETING BABY GIRL!!! 😀