CD5 visit, first dose down the hatch

Saw the nurse practitioner at the new RE’s office this morning, and already took my first dose of Clomid this morning. There were both good and bad things today:


  • First person I see in the waiting room is my pregnant colleague. Waved weakly to her, then breathed sigh of relief when hubby sat a bit away from her – was not in the mood to chat, especially since she probably thinks I’m pregnant now.
  • Next person to walk through the door is a pregnant nurse in my department. Really?! She excitedly chats with my coworker about due dates while I keep my head down.
  • Waited 10 minutes while undressed from the waist down. While this office got me in very quickly from the waiting room, I wasn’t totally thrilled with the exam room wait in a compromising position.
  • NP had trouble seeing my right ovary because my intestines kept moving in the way, in the end she only got a partial view, but at least I received the all-clear to start Clomid.
  • I’m starting Clomid a little later than she would prefer (which would be CD3), but hoping for a good result still. Ovulation is also later and in her experience, Clomid will push ovulation even later, so we’ll see what happens.


  • Hubby accompanying me for the first time, even though in the end it turned out he didn’t need to be there to sign a consent like we were told. He very sweetly gave me a kiss before he took off for work. This is huge considering he is not big on public displays of affection. He also cracked me up, pointing at a stack of chux, saying “hey, those look like pee pads”. I told him that I was sitting on one. LOL!
  • I liked the NP – she was very easy to talk to. When she initially said for me to take Clomid 100 mg daily, I asked if I could start with 50 mg. She readily agreed, and confided that the RE is aggressive with treatment. We will see what my progesterone looks like on 50 mg, and if it doesn’t respond as she likes, then we’ll bump up to 100 mg the next cycle.
  • THE BEST PART – they perform IUI’s on weekends!!! No monitoring ultrasounds, but at least that’s one less obstacle given the way my ovulation has been going the last year! Who knows what will happen on the Clomid though…

Not meant to be, or how not to have a relaxing spa vacation

I’d planned a one-night spa getaway for us a month ago, to try and get some R&R away from home during the crazy holidays. If anybody asks, yes we had a wonderful time just relaxing and soaking. But here’s what really happened:

We drove there yesterday, shortly after discovering I had a positive OPK that morning. For the first time in 7 months, I was going to ovulate on a weekday! I left a message for my REI’s nurse, thinking in the back of my mind we shouldn’t do anything at night since we’d have an IUI today. So I focused on just enjoying myself in the heated pools and had a nice body buff and massage, had a nice dinner, and promptly fell asleep when we got back to our room. As much as I love the boutique resort we stayed at, the walls are thin, and noises from our neighbors kept me from sleeping as well as I wanted. We both planned to take it easy in the morning with soaking in the heated pool before showering and driving to the REI’s. But when I called the REI’s nurse at 9am after not hearing anything yet, there was still no answer. So finally I called the REI’s office number. He actually picked up, only to tell me nobody was available that afternoon due to being short-staffed for the holidays, and they could only squeeze me in at 11am. OK’d it with the hubby, and we packed and checked out super fast. 5 minutes after driving away, I get a call. It’s the REI telling me he’s so sorry but his nurse told him his schedule is way too packed, and the only way to get me in that day is to be there at 10:30am. It’s 9:30 by this point, and we’re at least 90 minutes away. After this call, I even tried calling another REI near my own clinic, but found out he wasn’t in the office today. So it just wasn’t meant to be this time around.

At least we had fun when we arrived home…

Visit with the REI – official diagnosis of “primary infertility”

I met the REI this morning. Really nice man, very calm and matter-of-fact. Not intimidating at all. We discussed our tests so far, that our chances are still good, and what the next steps should be. The one test I haven’t done yet is the most invasive – the hysterosalpingogram. Which sounds like a load of fun. NOT! Will definitely be making sure the hubby accompanies me to that in case I’m too uncomfortable to drive afterwards.

Oh, and I’m 11 days past ovulation today. Not supposed to test until this weekend, but think I will tomorrow morning since I’m seeing the acupuncturist.