Circle + Bloom

I discovered Circle + Bloom a while back, thanks to posts from several ladies here on WordPress. However, I held off on purchasing any programs for a while, relying on their free fertility relaxation program several nights a week as I prepared to go to sleep. I enjoyed it more than others I’d heard or found on Amazon, so when the time came for the big guns of IVF, I decided it was time to purchase their IVF/IUI Mind-Body Program. I really like that they have specific meditations for the days of the cycle, though it is a little confusing to calculate what day you should listen to during an IVF cycle. In any case, I’ve been listening every night since I started birth control over a month ago, and it’s really helped to put my mind at ease for the whole process. I hope to utilize their pregnancy and delivery programs in the future – they have quite a variety of programs, not all fertility-related. They don’t advertise and instead rely mainly on word of mouth, thus they have a customer referral program in place. In case any of you out there are interested, here is my referral link for 15% off your purchase. I plan to donate any proceeds to Resolve. Hope you find it as helpful as I have so far!

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