Today’s prenatal visit and full-time nesting begins!

Lucky you guys, looks like I’m posting more than just my weekly updates now that I’m on maternity leave! I had my prenatal appointment this morning, and the OB confirmed that baby girl is still in optimal position – head down, back along my left side. He reviewed my “birth plan” (do whatever is needed to keep me and baby safe, open to trying without meds but ready to order the epidural when I can’t take it). Unfortunately our hospital is not set up to donate cord blood, so that’s sad – I was really hoping we could contribute to the public registry.

Afterwards, I enjoyed my last float session pre-baby, though I can certainly see myself returning for some much needed shut-eye after she arrives! Ate a quick lunch, then rushed home to plow through the last of my charts, which I finished ahead of my predicted schedule today. Hurray! I am officially not logging into the electronic medical record system again until August 31!!

Then I turned my attention to the neglected laundry. Goal is before I go to bed tonight, it should all be washed and dried. Folding and putting away is another matter. My hospital bag is halfway packed right now. I made sure to wash baby girl’s going-home outfit, but otherwise I’ll tackle the rest of her clothes once I receive the last deliveries this week, and get this mess somewhat sorted:


Yup, my parents are supposed to stay in this room in less than a month. Wish me luck!

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