11 months old!

Posting a day early since I have a decent cell connection right now, and our internet has been out since Tuesday!

Health: The month when Norovirus took the entire family out – enough said!

Growth/Feeding: She’s over 21 lbs based on our home scale, otherwise no official measurements until her 1-year checkup. Her 8th tooth is just peeking through the gum now. We’re on our way to a year of almost exclusively breastfeeding, something I didn’t think was possible last June. I think I will start cutting back on pumping duration next week, with the last day of pumping to be May 27. Thinking I can still manually express if I become uncomfortable. I doubt C will take the thawed breast milk by itself, but I’m thinking about using the frozen sticks to make smoothies with berries, and see if that encourages her to drink more from the cup. She continues to love solids, and it’s pretty easy to dump food on her tray and let her go for it. She’ll take the spoon and pouches also, but forget trying to give her any meat-based pouch.

Sleep: We fought through a few rough nights of crying it out after we all recovered from Noro, and OMG I’m so glad we did before hubby left for his work trip! We go through her bedtime routine, ending with nursing. She doesn’t usually fall asleep on the boob anymore, but will lay her cheek on my shoulder afterwards and I’ll just cuddle her for several minutes. Then I lay her in the crib with the white noise machine on, and she eventually falls asleep on her own after I leave the room. Naps are a completely different ball of wax still. I’ve given up hope on getting consistency at home, what with my crazy work schedule, grandma’s visits, and meeting with friends. At daycare she takes 2 naps totaling 3 hours, but always has a similar-aged buddy in the same room, so she apparently expects the same at home. Doh!

Development: Her strengths continue to be social and verbal. She loves to wave bye and sometimes hi, says “dada” and what sounds like “hiiii” frequently. She adores the 2 other little girls at daycare, and it’s really cute to see them interact. She can crawl up a step, and sometimes makes her way back down also. I’ve seen her push up into downward dog position a few times this week. Feeding herself blueberries is her favorite fine motor skill these days. She can support herself in a standing position, but we have to place her there. I still have no idea why she doesn’t pull up, and we’ve signed up for classes at The Little Gym to see if we can encourage more upright mobility.

Daycare: Going back after she missed over a week while we went out of town then Norovirus was tough. She cried every morning at drop off for a week, though Mrs. K said she stopped 5 minutes after I left. She’s become good friends with all the kids and especially the other 2 young girls.

Parenthood: Can’t wait for hubby to return home tomorrow. This was a rough week though I have to admit I’ve slept well due to having nothing to do with the lack of internet. We resolved to go on more frequent date nights, and hopefully this will bring back some much needed spark to our relationship. C’s godparents moved closer to us recently, so I’m hoping this will allow me to work more evenings and thus avoid having to work most Saturdays. The pace at work is easing up a little after the end of cold and flu season, but I’m still struggling to finish charts. Our internet is actually out at home right now, so it’s forced me to do as much as I can before picking up C from daycare. Oh, and of course we’re planning her birthday party – what was supposed to be a “small” family gathering of 20+ people is turning into a circus of 40 guests. Good thing we have the space in our house!