Disappearing for now

I definitely still read here frequently, but just don’t have the energy or time to post much these days. Work continues to suck, and I don’t want to complain forever on here. I have it better than most, other than no schedule flexibility.

I think the biggest reason why I feel like I don’t have much to say anymore is that in late August, hubby and I finally came to the decision to stop storing our embryos. We are both experiencing some physical lows, and are trying to get back on the better nutrition and exercise wagon. Neither of us could fathom how we’d cope with a second child, or even with the process of getting there. As much as I think C would love having a sibling, happy healthy parents are more important right now in our mind.

We had to take C with us to the office to sign the papers since both of us needed to be there at the same time, and pointed out her birth announcement on the wall to her. She actually smiled and said “baby C!”. Ha. Of the options given to us, we chose to release the embryos for anonymous adoption. So hopefully they will give somebody else a chance to grow their family.

One thought on “Disappearing for now

  1. I’m sure that was a very difficult decision that you and your husband made. My experience comes from being the recipient of donated embryos – which made me the mother of two precious babies. There are support groups on facebook for donors and recipients of embryos if you ever feel the need to reach out in the future for support. Wishing you and your family the very best as you move forward.

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