I really let this blog fall to the wayside over the last 3 months. It has been ridiculously hectic at work – can you believe we’re more shorthanded than last year? If I thought I had a reasonable alternative, I would jump on it!

C turned 2 in late May, and it is crazy to see her learn and grow so quickly. She is a talker, ahahaha! And we have to be so careful with our potty mouths now – “Oh crap!” has been said several times, and pretty sure I’ve heard “Oh s***!” also. It’s funny to hear what her current catchphrases are – I think it depends heavily on her teachers at school. She moved up to a new 2’s class they created 2 weeks ago after hiring another toddler teacher, and since then I notice she loves to say “Hi ___! What are you doing here?” Cracks me up every time.

She’s doing great with physical therapy. Has just about caught up with her peers – just still shaky on using stairs without having to hold the railing or our hands. We should graduate in 6 weeks, though it remains to be seen if we will be able to schedule more sessions since her therapist has to transfer to another location as of next week. Since early Tuesday morning is our only option with my work schedule, I’m not holding out hope they’ll find somebody in time, and I honestly don’t feel like just going for a couple sessions with somebody new.

She decided to climb out of her crib the night after she turned 2. This was incited by the worst sleep regression ever, and she was pissed off crying after we left the room. Few minutes later, we hear a sickening thud. Later on the monitor, I cringed watching her tumble and land head-first. She earned herself a nice goose egg on the head, and has slept on a queen mattress (the old guest bed) on the floor ever since then. We still had a couple rough weeks after that transition, but most of the time she sleeps through, or I’ll catch her doing some very amusing things on the monitor when she does wake up. But thankfully she self-soothes afterwards! Praying she doesn’t try to leave the room as she gets older and realizes she can open the door…

5 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. We’re starting to have to watch our language more around here too! Miss O is so paying attention to everything we say now – even when we think she’s engrossed in a book and not listening to us at all. Suddenly she’ll pipe up and repeat a word we said in our conversation! What is the milestone regarding stairs? We have a bungalow and she hardly ever practices stairs. She’s definitely not comfortable on them. We’re in the throws of the 18 month sleep regression here. Sounds like the floor mattress is working well for now. It’s something we’re considering for the future but ugh we have so much clutter so it would require a lot more baby/toddler-proofing. Nice to hear from you!

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