She gets it

It’s happened more than just a few times, so I really do think C gets it. We talk about the animals, and she names them all, then when she says the name of our cat who died, she immediately says “sad” or what sounds like “I sad”. At first we thought it was a fluke, because she doesn’t really sound all that sad, but it’s consistent. I’ve definitely teared up when she’s said it and then she looks concerned also.

His clay paw print arrived in the mail today. We were really touched by the accompanying card – the vet who performed the euthanasia was really paying attention when we had the other pets say their last good-byes. All of their names were on the card, even though we never wrote them on any of their paperwork. I’m going to go buy a little potted succulent to keep next to it on the shelf in our patio room where he liked to sun himself all the time.

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