The plague continues

Since I last wrote, we discovered we had a leak in the kitchen for who knows how long. Thankfully the leak detector was able to fix it without tearing up the floor. As to how much moisture it might have caused under the floor, we will have to see when we finally renovate the kitchen in a few years. Then my husband felt water drop on him in our new playroom. There’s a tiny leak coming from the seam between ceiling panels. Never ending!!

C and I have now been trading cold and cough for a good month now. Miraculously, hubby seems to be avoiding the worst of it for once. I was so bad off last week I called out sick and took myself into see my own doctor. Had a chest X-ray just to be sure but it looks like just one cold after another aggravating my asthma. It finally seems to be dying down a bit, but then C woke up with a fever and worse cough this morning. Again, I had to scramble to call out sick because hubby had something he couldn’t miss at work today. I’ve booked her for sick kids care tomorrow, but they warned if she has another fever they won’t accept her since flu is still hitting pretty hard. Thankfully I already have the morning off, but of course hubby says he absolutely needs to be at something by 5pm. Maybe he can drop her off at my office on his way up? I don’t know…

Please let this awful cold and flu season be over soon!!

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