She’s back

36 days after my daughter turned a year old, Aunt Flo has arrived for a long overdue visit. Makes sense, given we’re down to 3-4 nursing sessions a day at most and I stopped pumping. I thought I had a period around 7 weeks postpartum, but after several days of light bleeding then, there was no sign of a period again.

Until now… and frankly, I’m not sure what to think or feel. As time goes on, the thought of going through who knows how many thaw and transfer cycles, or miraculously becoming pregnant the old-fashioned way… it’s terrifying. Which means I need to seriously think about long-term contraception now. Too much to consider right now!

5 thoughts on “She’s back

  1. You are lucky that that’s your first one! I just got mine a couple weeks ago (4 months postpartum) and it was a full on period. I’m exclusively breastfeeding and feeding throughout the night still too. Ah well. Long term contraception is a big decision! In my opinion there is no perfect method.

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