10 months old!

Health: Ugh, March was definitely not kind to us, with C having bronchiolitis. That was the sickest she’s ever been so far, even though the fever didn’t last longer than 24 hours. Never imagined that I’d have to call out of work 3 days in a row – it was bad timing with hubby not being able to take off any of those days, and sick kids care being full. I’m glad I stayed home with her, but I could not shake my guilt over missing so much work – especially after taking off so much just to conceive her!

Growth/Feeding: Everybody keeps commenting on how big and chubby she is, even though she’s proportionate and just a bit above average. I guess it’s because hubby and I are pretty small, lol. Her 3rd and 4th teeth made their appearance in the last week, and tonight I realized her right lower lateral incisor is peeking through also. Definitely a rough week! She continues to be a very distracted nurser, and is acting the same with bottle feeds. My pumping volumes did finally start to come down, but I’m still making enough, especially since she’s down to taking 6-10 ounces while we’re apart. The freezer is starting to get full, and I’m debating how much longer I want to deal with the time-suck of freezing in trays and sorting into bags. I’m thinking about cutting back on pumping starting in a month, just haven’t figured out exactly which session I should drop first. I’d dropped the dream-feed, but I’m debating picking it back up again since currently I manually express just so that I’m not uncomfortable overnight, and she’s been waking up really early in the last week. She’s totally into solids now, mostly table foods though she’ll take a pouch of purees if it’s mostly fruit. The girl loves her carbs, which I’d been limiting until Mrs. K told me she would stretch her arms out after finishing her snacks and grab her buddy’s snacks right off her tray! So I begrudgingly increased what I send to daycare. This of course leads to issues with constipation, which isn’t helped by the fact that she’s not consistent with any sort of cup – the spoutless, regular sippy, or straw are all in rotation right now. She actually is the best with a regular open cup but that’s obviously very messy and tough to give to her throughout the day.

Sleep: We definitely had a regression with her getting sick, and had just been back in a decent groove until the new teeth started to push through in the last week. She fights going down more, and will bang her head on the side of the crib so hard, I can’t believe she doesn’t start crying from pain! As a result, I’ve fallen asleep on the bed in her room multiple nights in a row, since if I leave and she’s not quite fully asleep, she’ll immediately sit up and wail until I come back. I don’t need to hold or touch her, but she apparently just wants me in the room, even if I’m completely ignoring her. That is, until last night when her 5th tooth started to bother her a lot, and she woke up every 3 hours 😦 Her naps at daycare are still good, but we are hopeless at home given the lack of consistency and schedule on the weekends. I fear we will never have her nap in her crib. Her best naps with us are always on the car or in the Tula with daddy :/

Development: She is definitely cautious with strangers, but usually lets them hold her if we are close by. We ran into my OB recently, and she totally let him hold her, and even laid her head on his shoulder as if she were going to fall asleep (I wish!). With family and close friends, she loves to babble, scream, and laugh. She’s a really fast crawler, especially when trying to keep up with a pet. I’m shocked she hasn’t really pulled herself to stand – hubby swears she’s done it at least once for him, but at most, she’ll get to one foot down, then changes her mind and sits. She certainly has the strength to stand but just doesn’t seem interested at all. I’m not concerned, and honestly can live with her not walking for a little while longer. The house is full of accidents waiting to happen! She’s saying “dada” and “mama” specifically pretty often now.

Daycare: Hubby took C to meet up with the old provider Mrs. N last week, and it turns out the nanny position didn’t last long – the mom wanted more of a personal assistant than anything else. However, Mrs. N sounds like she’s looking to head back to teaching instead. Thankfully C continues to do well at Mrs. K’s. It’s just really wearing on me to do both drop-offs and pick-ups every day.

Parenthood: This was a really rough month. Despite missing work for sick days, I still managed to get behind on everything, and in fact I’m now on vacation but still have 40+ charts and a slew of results to deal with before I can tackle the house. I really need to see if working part-time is feasible, because I’m currently signed up to work extra through May, and it’s looking like it’ll be more of the same until I’m caught up with everybody else by end of the summer. I need to do my self-evaluation for work soon, which will be interesting since I plan to be brutally honest. That I feel stretched too thin between work, motherhood, and the positions I’m supposed to be doing for work as well – for which I’ve barely made it to meetings for a while now. I’m really ready to give those up. We are now at that point where people are asking us about a second, and I’m not as against it now as I was, but at the same time I don’t even know how we’d swing a frozen transfer cycle with work. And of course I’d HAVE to work full-time just to make sure we could cover our bases for that. Then we’d also have to seriously consider a nanny, which I’m not enthusiastic about after hearing my friends’ horror stories.

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