Crib and diaper changing area DONE!

Posting these progress pictures now because I don’t think we’ll be quite done until tomorrow, partly because I want to switch out a tray for a couple more boxes on the diaper changing station instead. Still need to hang all the decor and set up the rug.


I debated pegboard for this, but went with the elfa utility board from Container Store in the end since I was nervous about the more DIY aspect of pegboard. It was so nice to have a couple of hubby’s teammates visit this afternoon – they totally wanted to pitch in, and this was one of the items they completed! The dresser is a vintage find we’ve had for a couple years, and the changing pad is by Keekaroo – I like being able to just wipe and clean a solid surface, rather than deal with washing changing pad covers.


After a lot of cursing at the provided crappy tools, hubby set up the crib today – hurray!! My parents bought this for us, and it’s surprisingly affordable at <$200, especially since it includes the toddler rail for future toddler bed conversion. Hubby wasn’t a huge fan of the 2-tone, but I feel like it really ties in the rest of the room, rather than being all white or all wood tone. I found the crib skirt on clearance when Naartjie had their closing sale, and the crib sheet is from Zulily, though on a regular basis we’ll probably stick with plain-colored QuickZip sheets for the ease of quick changes.

Other extra items we took care of today – completely set up the high chair with its baby seat, cushion, and tray, and assembled the snap & go. Yes, with all the drama with Target, they finally sent it out yesterday and it arrived today! I attached and detached the car seat on it, and it was much easier to deal with than on the regular stroller, so I think worth it in the end.

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