Nursery progress!

After a week of late nights and tons of laundry, the nursery is finally coming together! The closet and drawers are stocked, and I was surprised to see we have a good amount of storage left, which is great since I know more stuff will accumulate over time.


I also set up the diaper cart that’s staying in our bedroom initially. I ended up not lining the tray bottoms because with all the diapers on there, it’s enough to dampen any vibration/sound. The top tray has a wipes dispenser, hand sanitizer, diaper balm, burp cloths, and loose diapers. There’s still room for my water bottle and some snacks (protein bars and granola – whatever I can easily eat with one hand), since it will also be sitting near the glider for feeding sessions. Also filled a tote to use as a diaper caddy downstairs.


So I think we may finish the nursery tomorrow! Both of us are home all day, and here’s what’s left on the to-do list:

  • hang the new smoke/carbon monoxide detector
  • assemble the crib and make the mattress ready to use, even though it probably won’t be for a couple months other than daytime naps
  • hang the diaper organization unit on the wall over the changer and stock it with essentials
  • set up the baby monitor
  • organize toys and books on the bookshelf
  • hang all the wall art, decor, and a couple hooks

It’s quite a list, but I think we can do it! Looking forward to completing it, so that I can move onto our neglected laundry and scary closets. I love having the time to get organized! I haven’t had any significant time off at home since we moved here almost 3 years ago, and it shows in how haphazard our storage areas look. I certainly won’t have this kind of free time again 🙂

10 thoughts on “Nursery progress!

  1. I got the same cart for a mobile diaper station!!! I love your colors and how you’ve organized everything. My mama is coming this weekend to help me get our stuff in the right place. It’s so much! Every time I try to do it myself I get frustrated bc I have no idea where to put everything. Lol. Good luck tomorrow with the rest of your list! 🙂

    • omg that’s awesome – great minds think alike, hehe! it’s so well-priced too. i hope your mom is able to help a lot this weekend. it took some trial and error, and moving stuff around before i finally put everything in a place that made sense, and i’m sure i’ll continue to move stuff around! so excited for you btw, 3 days left!!

  2. Its looking great! I love the idea of hanging a diaper organization thing on the wall! We have been struggling to come up with an idea for the bedroom because there isn’t space for a proper changer or table. It’s looking great though.

    • yes, i’ve seen some clever ideas on pinterest, including using ikea kitchen rails and their hanging baskets/containers. we have to since the dresser we’re using as a changer is just long enough for the changing pad and nothing else.

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