Love-hate relationship with Target

In the last few weeks I’ve developed quite the love-hate relationship with Target. I received several gift cards there, so ended up completing most of our registry items with them online. After setting up the car seat adapter on our regular stroller, I decided to go ahead and order the snap & go since it’ll be much lighter and more convenient to use in the first few months. It arrived just a few days after I placed the order… except it didn’t. They sent a stroller by the same manufacturer of the snap & go instead. WTF. Spent 15 minutes on the phone with them explaining what happened, and they said to go ahead and ship it back, and once they received it, they’d ship out the correct item. That was last week. They emailed me yesterday saying my new order was delayed until they received the stroller. I double-checked the return tracking # and saw they received it last Friday! So I tried to email back to them, but it was a dead address, so went online and used their contact form. Heard nothing for 24 hours, so finally called them just now and spent another 15 minutes explaining. They couldn’t figure out why despite having received the stroller 5 days ago, they hadn’t released the new order, but they’re now shipping the snap & go. But couldn’t tell me when to expect it. ARGH!!

Not only that, I had ordered a decorative tray for our living room that was inexpensive and cute. However, it arrived completely gouged on the side, so I had to go to the store today to exchange it. Thankfully they had trays there that were in pristine condition. AND, as I was looking for my replacement tray, I happened upon this memo board on clearance, in the nursery colors!


Target may redeem themselves if the snap & go arrives before I deliver, but this find took a bit of the sting off.

13 thoughts on “Love-hate relationship with Target

  1. This sounds reminiscent of my awful experience with BRU.

    I actually just ordered a ton of stuff with Target today because they were having a “Buy $125 in baby stuff get a $20 gift card for free!” promo. So I got like 10 things….I’ll be amazed now if they all come in correctly! I also found a promo code for an additional $5 off my order by searching online, so I was pretty proud of my thirftyness! I was thinking with my built up target giftcards I might put them towards the cart that goes with our carseat as well, since apparently strollers are just hellish to take shopping.

    • i know, i was thinking of your BRU experience! and yup, i wish they had that promo when i placed my order a couple weeks ago, but whatever, i was already getting 15% off for registry completion. and yes, i always search for coupons and use ebates to get as much money back as possible, even opened up a red card account recently just for 5% back each time i shop since i figure we’ll be shopping with them a lot post-baby! i’m also now hooked on a gift card site called raise, though the really discounted cards sell fast.

      • I haven’t done registry completion yet since we still have some weeks and people still seem to be buying us stuff (thanks folks!)-dumb question, do you actually have to buy EVERYTHING on the registry (aka, complete it) to get the discount?

          • Okay-that’s good to know! That makes me want to add a million diaper genie refills just to get the discount on them….can you only do registry completion once? that’s how it works with Amazon.

              • Also-I just checked out that gift card site-cool concept! I mean, yeah, they aren’t huge discounts, but money is money and if you’re spending it at that store anyway, might as well save a few bucks! Do they charge for shipping?

                • nope, no charge for shipping. i’ve only had one sale fall through there so far, otherwise been using it for buy buy baby, target, and even groceries! by far the easiest are the e-vouchers, since it’s automatic delivery, but not an option for all places.

                  • I got our travel system on buy buy baby the other day. Used the ONE 20% online coupon they give you and a ton of gift cards to only pay $190 for a $350 system. I was quite proud. I’ve become really thrifty since getting pregnant!

                    • i totally hear you! fortunately we live near buy buy baby, so i used 20% off (they take bed bath & beyond coupons that aren’t expired) plus discounted gift cards off raise to take about 25% off our glider/ottoman!

                    • Ugh-you’re SO lucky. The closest one is where my in-laws are-about four hours away. And I don’t want to be in their area any more than I have to. We have two BB&B’s but no Buy Buy Baby’s (BBB, I guess they would be).

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