Still chugging along, a little arts & crafts

We had our weekly prenatal visit this morning. Baby girl continues to do well, though my OB scared me by saying he thinks she already weighs 7 pounds! Fortunately, we know these guesses by ultrasound can be way off, so I’m not going to let it freak me out too much. We again reviewed when I should head into L&D, and I’ll text him when that happens. He works a lot, so there’s a fair chance he’ll be able to deliver her, but otherwise, I know most of the other OB’s as well.

The guest room/nursery is really starting to clear out as I continue to assemble things, and now there’s actually room for the crib! Hoping hubby can set that up this weekend. Yesterday I set up the Mamaroo swing and the rolling cart from Ikea that will eventually go next to the dresser/changer to hold more supplies. It’ll initially be in our room, and a good place for me to keep water and snacks while breastfeeding. Thinking I need to put down some sort of padding on the bottom of the trays, or it could get quite noisy. Any ideas as to what type? I don’t know if a piece of felt would be durable enough unless I tack it down with something, though I suppose I could use spray adhesive. Looks like I may have a field trip to Michael’s in my near future! I’m just not super crafty, so it’s hard for me to improvise. This is about as arts & craftsy as I get:


I’ve had the text prints at the top for over a year now, waiting for the appropriate place. And though they’re not typical for nursery decor, I love them and they’re just right for the daughter of myself and my ex-DJ husband. I did dress up the 2 smaller cards with some washi tape, and I really like how they turned out! The bottom left print was a buyable download off Etsy, and the alphabet print was a direct Etsy purchase. There are a few more things that are already hanging in the room, but I’ll likely need to rearrange once the crib goes in, and we see where everything lands!

6 thoughts on “Still chugging along, a little arts & crafts

  1. julieann081 says:

    Love the framed pictures! 🙂 I’ve tried to make two things for decorations so far. One was a total miss and I ran out of materials for the other one. I’ve been thinking of doing something like you’ve done with frames from the Dollar Store. Wishing you all the best, as always!

    • yup, these frames were all simple inexpensive ones from ikea or homegoods! i think if i had more time, i would love to do something really hands-on, but i don’t think that will happen 🙂

  2. To all the ladies in the place with style and grace!! That print is amazing, I want it for my own room, haha.

    You might try a cheap rug pad for the ikea cart. It’ll pad the bottom and make it skid-free, and you can cut it to size.

    • haha, unfortunately the shop owners are on hiatus right now since one of them is getting married. a quick search on etsy turned up a couple others though, and even a onesie! think gus could still fit into 12-18 months size? 😀 ooh, great idea on the rug pad! and i have a giant one that i need to cut up for our stair treads, and i should have enough left over for this! thanks!!

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