Negativity sneaking in. UGH!

This is the first day this cycle where I’ve let the negativity creep in. I don’t know if it was the crazy number of newborn visits I had, and seeing the tired but happy faces of new mom’s, alternating with all the other mom’s being in their 3rd trimester. One of those mom’s is actually a friend of ours, and we’ve talked with them about our difficulties because at one point, they went to an RE also when they’d been struggling to conceive their second child for over 6 months. Her FSH was high. Of course, at their first RE visit, they had her pee in a cup, and lo and behold, the pregnancy test came back positive! Oh – they never told us this, I only found out from our mutual friend when it was pretty apparent she was pregnant at a wedding we attended. 😦 She and her husband were both at the visit today, and though we talked at length about when she was due and how they were doing, and they KNOW we’re in the middle of an IVF cycle because I had them change the appointment day when I knew I’d likely be out for egg retrieval, they didn’t say a word or ask anything about how I was doing. They are really good friends of ours, and it bothered me that they just avoided the topic. I know it’s uncomfortable, but damn it, they were on the brink of it themselves!

Then I found out a colleague is pregnant and due in February, from a cutesy Facebook photo of course. She just got married a year ago. It’s so ridiculous, I thought I was past all these stupid feelings, but on top of everything else today, and the really aggravating irritation from the vaginal progesterone – ARRRRGGGHHHHH!! The RE says he’ll switch me from this formulation to Endometrin to see if I tolerate it better, but there’s no point in ordering it now until I see what that beta looks like.

5 thoughts on “Negativity sneaking in. UGH!

  1. One time I got 7 emails in 5 days from women I had never met saying they recently started following my blog (like within the month) and started to trust Jesus for a baby and now they were pregnant. I was happy for them but dang that was a rough week considering I had been trusting for 2 years! Lol!! Hang in there ;). Our time is comin 🙂

    • thank you. i was really expecting more from them, we’ve supported each other in the past, and they never even told us they got pregnant. i only found out through other friends at a wedding recently 😦

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