Green light!

My RE’s office called and left a message that my estradiol was good and gave me the green light to start with the stims as planned tomorrow. This was of course not nearly enough information for me, so I emailed him asking for the level, and he replied back “11”. YAY! Nice and suppressed, I should be primed for ovarian stimulation. I was hoping today would be without a headache but as I sit here typing, I can feel the ache starting to creep up the back of my head. Let’s hope some inverting helps that – I’m taking my last aerial class tonight (snuck it in since the stims start tomorrow).

Oh, and this may make me a huge nerd, but who cares because I know I am one – check out how I’m transporting my Menopur and supplies to work:

2014-08-21 11.53.51

My supply box of Menopur vials, Q-caps, syringes, and needles

11 thoughts on “Green light!

    • seriously – i’d never heard of one, and now understand it’s something that only ferring (menopur manufacturer) seems to make? i still fumbled with it my first time today, but way better than jabbing myself with a needle by accident!

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