My fertility amulet


I trekked to the Jade Market today, specifically to look for a fertility charm. I had a jade piece from when I was a child, but at some point during my several moves I lost it. So I felt it was high time to replace it, if only to change my luck. I chose the double fish, which symbolizes husband and wife, and brings abundance in wealth, luck, and children.
Earlier in the day, I offered and prayed at a local Buddhist temple. The strong smell of incense brought me back to my childhood. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve done anything like that.
We enjoyed a lovely anniversary dinner last night, followed by a trip to the highest lookout point in the city. Both of us weren’t feeling our greatest between the heat, humidity, and a little upset stomach. However, the amazing view took all of that away…


13 thoughts on “My fertility amulet

  1. emmelle says:

    brilliant photo, i miss HK, I was there quite a bit back in the day and my friend had a bedroom view from the Mid-levels directly out onto Central. love the amulet, wishing good things for you, and yes I went to the temple a couple of times in Houston… it calmed me.

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