9dpo … And who DOES that?!

The new RE office called to schedule our consent visit, and unfortunately there’s no openings until next Tuesday, which will likely be CD5. I asked the nurse if the NP seeing me could also do my ultrasound and get me started on Clomid then, but she wasn’t sure. So I emailed the NP and am hoping to hear back soon. If not, I will have to deal with driving to the office that’s farther away for at least this cycle – now that my mind is made up, I don’t want to wait out another cycle.

The morning at work seemed to go pretty well – I was able to see everybody and get my charts completed quickly, so I began checking Facebook while eating my lunch. Except as the screen loaded, the first picture to come up was an ultrasound – a VERY early ultrasound at only 8 weeks gestation. Who DOES that?! Oh, the best part – this is their 3rd, and they’re calling the baby “OOPS” right now. Awesome. I nearly tossed my salad at the monitor at that point. Hid the post because of course now all our mutual friends will like and comment, and it will keep popping back up on my feed otherwise. Went to chat with my coworker in her office, and I couldn’t hold back the tears then. Thankfully I was super busy the rest of the day and had no time to dwell. I may very well have to hide all of this friend’s posts until October though.

Oh, and to top it off, during this month off from strenuous exercise, I gained 5 pounds. Yeah, probably not good if I have borderline PCOS. Grrrr…


2 thoughts on “9dpo … And who DOES that?!

  1. emmelle says:

    i agree with you on the early news release. a colleague of mine at work told me (and several people at the OFFICE) at around her 8 week mark… but, they’ve been trying for awhile, and she’s just turned 40. i congratulated her but in my head i couldn’t help but think: “is this prudent???? are you really wanting to tell the world NOW??” hugs and hope you can get the appt worked out next week.

    • yeah – i just don’t get it. i don’t even plan on telling my own parents until 8 weeks – i want a viable heartbeat on that ultrasound first! the NP emailed back and said yes, she can definitely do the ultrasound and start clomid then – hurray! one less thing to stress about and less sick leave to use.

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