Guilty pleasure… or torturing myself

We became homeowners over a year ago, and from the start it was a labor of love, turning the outdated home with gross carpet and dangerous stairs, but in the perfect neighborhood, into a place we could live in. It still needs updating, but we only had so much time and money to do so much. I think it was around the time when we were looking for a place that I seriously came to terms with wanting to become a mom. This house is the perfect size for a family with a little one, and we have a bedroom set aside as the guest room, that I really think of as the future nursery/kid’s room. I even bought a canvas of a print I’d admired online when I happened across it at HomeGoods one day:


My guilty pleasure, despite having way too many chores and household purging to do, is to browse for nursery ideas on sites like Pinterest and Houzz. I’ve created boards on there that are bursting to the seams with photos of rooms I love and products I’d love to make or buy one day. And of course, these boards are all secret, so that nobody else can see what I’m pinning and of course ask me or start thinking I’m pregnant. Because seeing my friends save/pin to boards like these is exactly how I found out some of them were pregnant, before they’d even announced it.

And I’m not…

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